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Friday, February 27, 2015

Guilty Verdict in So-Called "Murican Sniper" Trial

For better or worse, Chris Kyle is probably a household name by now. One of the filthiest, most vile PIGS ever in contemporary American military culture, Kyle was a U.S. Navy Seal who's sole attributes were good eye sight and ability to use an assault rifle. He is known for having murdered many dozens of innocent civilians during U.S. occupations in Iraq. He was also a brazen and unapologetic racist, and as much was made undeniably clear in his 2011 book. A film (terrible on every conceivable level) based off of Kyle's book was released in January 2015. In 2013, Kyle was shot and killed by a fellow solider, who's name wasn't as known (though it should have been). That solider - an ex-Marine - is Eddie Ray Routh. Between him and Kyle, Routh is a true hero. On February 24th 2015, Routh was found guilty by a Texas jury of Kyle's death, as well as another man identified as Chad Littlefield

Here is some brief back-story on this case, and how these two men came to be, as it were: Depraved monster Chris Kyle first came to national prominence with his autobiography, 'American Sniper', published in January 2012. The book alleges, among many quasi-truths, that Kyle amassed to most "kills" of any military sniper in U.S. history. This is a dubious claim, at best. The book also reveals Kyle to be a psychopathic and astoundingly racist beast, as various verses (in his own words) demonstrates. While serving as a Navy SEAL in the military, Kyle gunned down a very high number of people. Of this, there is universal consensus. What that exact number is, remains an alleged *figure at best. Kyle served and carried out the bidding of corporate interests during the American war of Aggression against Iraq, post-IXXI. All of his victims were Iraqis. Some were probably resistance fighters. Most were certainly civilians... unarmed and completely INNOCENT. Kyle had already left the U.S. Navy in 2009 with an "honorable" discharge, when he co-wrote his book. He was shot dead by fellow comrade Routh, a Marine Corps veteran, at a TX shooting range in 2013. Routh was in and out of mental hospitals in the months after he was discharged. He had also been diagnosed with PTSD, as well as schizophrenia. In December 2014, a film adaption was released based on the book, of the same title. The film 'American Sniper', was a naked, shameless piece of nationalist propaganda, as well as a generally mediocre movie. The movie itself, with all its own issues, is simply a flimsy shill for money. The book from which the movie is based, is significantly more problematic.     

Some individuals are true American heroes. And they do so without murdering innocent people, nor firing a single shot. For more info. on what an actual hero and patriot looks like, see the film 'Citizen Four'. 

Simo Hayha, a Finnish soldier during the First World War, proved to be a far more deadly and prolific sniper than Chris Kyle could ever hope or dream to have been. The Russians, who invaded Finland during this war, deemed Hayha the "White Death". He scared the RUSSIANS!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

No Federal Charges Against George Zimmerman

On Tuesday February 24th, the U.S. (In)justice Department announced that it would not be going forward with Civil rights charges against racist cowardly child-murderer, George Zimmerman. Surprise, surprise!

The announcement came at the end of a federal inquiry into whether Zimmerman had committed Civil rights violations, when he gunned down Trayvon Martin on February 26th 2012. Trayvon's murder took place in Stanford, FL. It was a crime that galvanized the country and drew international attention, more than two years before Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Officials from the DoJ stated that there was "insufficient" evidence that Zimmerman was in violation of any hate crimes statutes, when he gunned down Trayvon. Zimmerman is White-Hispanic, though self-identified as White up until February 2012. Martin was Black and unarmed. He was 17 years old at the time of his murder, and had just left a convenient store carrying candy and juice. Zimmerman, now 31, was acquitted of murder charges in July 2013, after which, the federal inquiry was launched.

Once again, Zimmerman manages to worm his way out of receiving his just due, as he seems skilled at doing. Meanwhile, today Thursday February 26th marks the three-year anniversary of Trayvon Martin's murder. Targeting Cops has provided extensive coverage on the Trayvon/Zimmerman case. Archived pages can be viewed below:

- Zimmerman's murder trial HERE.
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George Zimmerman may be free to walk the streets, but his sorry ass is marked - let there be no doubt about THAT! So he can squirrel away as many guns as he wants, con whomever he wants, make all the T.V. appearances he wants, sell as much plagiarized artwork on eBay as he wants. Here is an inescapably solid TRUTH: where ever he hides out or holds up, Zimmerman will be looking over his shoulder for the REST of his miserable, worthless shit life! And that is a curse I would wish upon no one, but my worst enemies. So for his [own] sake, hopefully he's saving up his money (however he's getting it) to buy himself a tiny desert island. Because he could sure as Hell could use it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Killer Cop of Akai Gurley INDICTED!

Targeting Cops gave initial coverage to the senseless murder of a Brooklyn man back in November 2014. Gunned down as he descended the stairwell of an apartment complex, his girlfriend right by his side. Now, the vile wretched pig who murdered an innocent man in cold blood has been INDICTED, finally! 

Officer Peter Liang was indicted by a Brooklyn grand jury on Tuesday February 10th 2015 on criminal charges of second-degree manslaughter, according to many sources. Liang was also charged with reckless endangerment, second-degree assault, and official misconduct. If convicted, it could mean up to 15 years in prison for the worthless pig. It's still a long shot, but let's hope for the best! 

27 year old Liang was a rookie cop who had been a gang member of the New York Police Gestapo (NYPG) for less than 18 months. He, along with partner Shaun Landau were conducting an unauthorized "vertical sweep" of the Louis H. Pink housing complex back on November 20th. As the two cops headed up the complex's stairwell, Liang, for no particular reason, had his Glock 9mm drawn in one hand, and a flashlight in the other (according to reports at the time, the elevator was out of service and the stairwell was dimly lit). At the same time Gurley 28, along with his girlfriend Melissa Butler 27, had just left Butler's apt. Since the elevator reportedly did not work, the couple entered the stairwell. Liang had just entered the 8th floor landing when he spotted Gurley, who was on the seventh floor landing. Without any warning or command what so ever, Liang fired one shot, hitting Gurley in the chest. The victim stumbled down to the fifth floor where he collapsed. Butler knocked on a resident's door, who then called 911. By the time Gurley was taken to a hospital, he was pronounced dead.       

A simple cop fuck-up. Happens every day. But what made this case soo particularly horrendous, is that right the shooting, neither Liang nor Landau called 911. What Liang did instead, was call his union representative, to ask him what he should do. For six and a half minutes, neither cop lifted a finger to help Gurley. And during that whole time, the two cop's commanding officer and an emergency operator tried in vain to contact them. And to make matters even worse, the two cops were not supposed to have been in that stairwell, anyways! Deputy inspector Miguel Iglesias, then head officer of the police regime's Housing Command, had ordered his officers NOT to conduct vertical patrols! Officers were instructed only to do exterior patrols, and if they were to enter the building, they were not go beyond the first floor lobby. So neither Liang, nor his partner had any damned business inside that complex in the first place - much less its stairwell. 

Covering his ass: Officer Liang along with his cop lawyer (courtesy of the police union), leaving the 84th Precinct in Brooklyn, where he turned himself in Wednesday Feb. 11th. After being booked on manslaughter charges and attending a court hearing, Liang was released without having to post bond.

MURDERER! Family of Akai Gurley, including his aunt Hertencia Petersen (forefront), openly express their outrage during Liang's hearing on Wen. Feb. 11th. Liang pleaded not-guilty to his charges.
Akai Gurley

People demonstrate outside the 84th Precinct on Wen. Feb. 11th, demanding sturdy and continuous accountability for not only Akai killer, but all terrorist cops. 
Akai Gurley

Akai Gurley's girlfriend Melissa Butler seen here. She was right next to Gurley as he was shot in the chest by Liang on Nov. 20th 2014. As Liang was busy trying to get his story straight, Butler watched her partner die. 
Melissa Butler was with Gurley when he was shot. 

Gurley's domestic partner and mother to his two yr. old daughter, Kim Ballinger, seen here. Ballinger has filed notice to sue the city and the police dept. for $50 million.

After the grand jury's decision, Liang turned his sorry ass into the 84th Precinct in Brooklyn on Wednesday Feb. 11th. He was booked on, and plead not guilty   to his criminal charges. He was released without bail later on, pending future court dates. Meanwhile, the mother of Gurley's two year old daughter, Kim Ballinger, is planning a $50 million suit against NYC as well as the NY terrorist police regime. 

Prosecutors in this case are undoubtedly going hard and heavy on officer/defendant Peter Liang, as well they should. Basically they are doing their job. But the problem is that prosecutors so rarely DO THEIR JOB, where in comes to prosecuting cops who engage in wanton criminal behavior. In fact, many a debate online, as well as various articles are openly questioning whether Liang were simply being thrown under the bus. Make no mistake, Liang had absolutely NO excuse for what he has done. Neither he, nor his partner Shaun Landau (who received immunity from prosecution, in exchange for his testimony against Liang) had any reason to have been inside that building on that night. Liang had no reason to have his service weapon drawn, with finger on trigger, as he was in no sort of danger. And after shooting Gurley, did not call 911. called his union rep. instead, attempting to cover his own sorry worthless ass. While he was doing this, another resident of that building called 911. Butler gave Gurley CPR, as he was dying. Liang is without excuses. However, he has NO LESS of an excuse than other NYC cops who have taken the lives of innocent people, yet have continued to keep their jobs (if they were ever punished at all). It goes without saying that Liang is an Asian American/Person of Color. So, many have openly speculated whether this brown-skinned "rookie" cop is simply being offered up as a sacrificial lamb. Particularly in the wake of certain national events involving the police murders of innocent people - mostly Blacks being killed by White cops. 

Liang currently finds himself in the unfortunate role of scapegoat, but it should be about that. Liang is a psychopathic, callus, murdering piece-of-shit cop and that pig deserves every bit of misfortune coming his way. But there are many other murdering, piece-of-shit cops who should be standing right along side Liang, facing criminal charges! Eric Garner's murderer Daniel Pantaleo being just one of them.   

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pigs Murder 74 Yr-Old Retired Vet, During Welfare Check!

It goes without saying that War veterans typically face many obstacles and hardships after returning home. Many are lucky to rebuild their lives and enjoy longevity. For Black veterans however, the situation is a little bit different. For many of them (and this is historic), combat operations don't always end, after coming home. For Black vets, the enemy combatants often turn out to be goddamned cops. 

Mary Battle, James Allen's sister seen above.

A 74 year old retired army veteran named James Howard Allen has been gunned down by cops in his own home during a so-called "welfare" check. Allen's murder took place in GastoniaNorth Carolina on Saturday February 7th 2015. Allen, a veteran of the Korean war, just had heart surgery, and his family was concerned about his well being. They had requested a welfare check for him, but unfortunately, this typically involves cops. As has been proven over and over again, cops are not at all equipped to conduct simple welfare checks, nor attend to people's general well being. As a matter of fact, many cops actually take offense to the notion that their job description might include such things. Cops are like wild animals; all they know is violence and death. Even when these animals [supposedly] mean well, too often all they end up doing is ruin people's lives and fuck things up! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Army vet James H. Allen, seen here. Allen survived the Korean war and decades of Southern Apartheid. He was shot and killed by a skinhead cop on Feb. 7th.

According to reports, a family member was concerned about Allen's well being, who was recovering from recent surgery, and requested a welfare check. One cop went to the retired vet's residence Saturday night around 10:30 and knocked on the front door. However, there was no response. An hour later police showed up again, with members from the Gastonia Fire Dept. as well as emergency medical services. At some point a decision was made to break into the home. It was later reported that Allen was hard of hearing, and likely was never aware that authorities nor family were attempting to contact him. When cops broke into his home, failing to announce themselves, a startled Allen grabbed a gun, rightfully thinking they were intruders. Before he knew what hit him, the 74 year old retired vet was blown away. Officer Josh Lefevers of the Gastonia Police Gestapo (GPG) is the pig directly responsible for Allen's murder. Lefevers has been a gang member of the Gastonia Terrorist Police regime since August 2012. No other officers on the crime scene have been identified, as of yet. Police chief Robert Helton held a press conference on Sunday Feb. 8th. Typically, the police version of what had happened differs wildly from what family and friends think happened. Another great big fuck-up on behalf of the police, that will take months to clean up. Allen's brother-in-law Robert Battle told reporters that (Allen) was probably asleep, and was awakened to what he thought were intruders breaking into his home. Long time friend Otis Thompson provided similar accounts, saying that his first reaction would have been to, "grab a gun too". And justifiably, who could blame him? "You kicked the man's door in! He's in his own house, the privacy of his own home!" Thompson remarked. Allen's sister Mary Battle, commented that police were "probably frightened" but made the point that her brother "wouldn't hurt a fly".

Gastonia police chief peckerwood Robert Helton seen here.

Obese, skinhead cop Josh Lefevers seen here.

By now, most of you reading this should know the drill, as it is very predicable: officer involved has been placed on "administrative leave", or paid vacation. An as-yet assembled grand jury will fail to bring an indictment against officer Lefevers, a month or two later. Meanwhile, the N.C. Bureau of Investigations is looking into the matter. Their investigation will take around a year, give or take. That investigation will conclude that officer/s acted in accordance with their training, but will "recommend" policy changes and maybe a review of the police dept's training. And Allen's family will get a little settlement money from the city and Gaston County, within which Gastonia lies. With the threat of criminal prosecution gone, Lefevers will be allowed to walk the streets once again, armed to the teeth, with a renewed thirst for blood. James Allen will have long since been laid to rest, and Black genocide will continue in North Carolina.      

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Marissa Alexander Finally Sees Justice (Some What).

As chronicled several times before here, Marissa Alexander has endured far more than her "fair share" of injustice. Terrorized and threatened with death by an abusive ex-husband, she took rightful steps to defend herself and her children. She lives in a state in which self defense [retreat optional] is mandated by law. Yet, a warning shot above an advancing, violent partner's head ended her in prison with a 20-year sentence. After national outrage, she won an appeal of her case and a new trial... with much higher stakes. Now, after three years of sheer injustice, false imprisonment, victim-punishing, and cruel, racist double-standards, She is finally a (some what) free woman... for now. But not really.

 A timeline providing details of Alexander's case from Aug. 2010 to January 2015 can be viewed HERE.

Here are the basic facts of the case: Marissa Alexander's nightmare with American injustice began on August 1st 2010, when she had attempted to flee from her violent and abusive estranged husband, Rico Gray. She had just given birth to her third child, nine days prior. When Gray snooped on his wife's cell phone and discovered innocuous messages to a former husband, he flew into a rage and accused her of infidelity. The serial wife/girlfriend-beater began assaulting Alexander. It's worth noting that Gray already has a history of violent and abusive criminal behavior against women. At one point she barricaded herself in the bathroom. Gray broke in, grabbed her, and threw her to the floor. In an effort to flee, Alexander ran into the garage of their home, where her vehicle was. Upon realizing her car keys were still in the house, she retrieved her registered gun from the vehicle. Upon re-entering the home, a violent Rico advanced upon Alexander again. She fired one warning shot above his head, the bullet lodging into the ceiling. Other than Alexander having been assaulted by her husband, no one was injured that day. However, when police arrived they arrested HER, and she was charged with aggravated assault. 

Victim-blaming: Alexander's estranged husband, Rico Gray, giving a media interview at the D.A.'s office in May 2012. Gray claims that it was his wife who was being violent back in Aug. 2010, and that he was simply defending himself. This was nearly an identical "self-defense" excuse/lie told by George Zimmerman, when describing the moments leading up to his Feb. 2012 murder of Trayvon Martin.

District attorney Angela Cory would be the one prosecuting Alexander's case. The D.A.'s office offered Alexander - an abuse victim - a "deal": except a three year prison sentence or, go to trial, possibly lose, and get 20 years in prison! That anyone would face a possible sentence of 20 years is largely due to the fact that prosecutors routinely and grossly over-prosecute as to force or leverage people - guilty or not - into "accepting" plea deals for much smaller sentences, probation, fines, or a combination of all three. But in Alexander's case, it is additionally due to FL's unique "10-20-life" sentencing law, which had gone into effect in 1999. Considering she was the battered wife who caused harm to no one, the very concept of accepting a three-year sentence was cruel and unthinkable. So Alexander opted to go to trial... and given her case, who could blame her. After all, her estranged husband Gray was a documented abuser whom had beaten up his wife while she was pregnant. And he was on record admitting as much. Ex-girlfriends are on record claiming Gray had assaulted and threatened them, as well. And the gun Alexander used was legal; registered in her name. She has no prior criminal record.   Unfortunately, she lives in a state where only madness reigns. In May 2012, a jury convicted her of *three individual counts of aggravated assault. It took them 12 minutes to do so. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison. During pretrial proceedings, Alexander's lawyers had motioned to dismiss all criminal charges against their client, citing FL's "stand your ground" law. That motion was denied. [*Even though Alexander had fired just one warning shot above Rico Gray's head, their other two children happened to have been in the same room. Hence, the three counts. Which means that the charges she was convicted of were applied in the most cynical, disingenuous way possible.]  
Part of why this is soo significant is because the following year in July 2013, D.A. Cory - the same person whom had "won" a conviction against Alexander - had just blown a conviction against George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Seldom has there been a more grossly stark set of contrasts of injustice... even in Florida!

However, as in most cases, silver linings are to be had. The aggressive prosecution/conviction of a battered woman defending herself, and the "not-guilty" verdict of a racist wanton child-murderer, had not gone unnoticed by many people. Especially since both cases occurred within months of each other, and were handed by the same district attorney's office in FL. In the wake of Zimmerman's June 2012 trial, an immense deal of renewed attention had been focused upon Alexander's plight. In September 2013, an appellate court ordered a new trial, declaring that jury instructions had unfairly shifted the burden of [proving] guilt from the state's prosecution to the defense. Alexander was released on bail in November 2013 and would be placed on house arrest, pending her new trial. In the wake of this, D.A. Corey announced her intentions to re-try Alexander... but this time the bitch would aim for three consecutive 20 year sentences, amounting to 60 years in prison, should Alexander be found guilty in the second trial! This level of sheer vindictiveness and vitriol on the part of a state prosecutor should have gotten Angela Corey disbarred, if not brought up on charges herself!

For the battered woman, persecuted survivor, and mother of three, 2014 was spent attending numerous court hearings and enduring trial sets and delays. Alexander had been set for retrial on July 28th. This date was then pushed back to Dec. 1st. A second trial would not come to be, however. On November 24th 2014, Alexander accepted a plea deal, in which she would agree to plead "guilty" to the three bogus aggravated assault charges. In return, she would serve another 65 days in jail, before being released in January 2015 (terms of the plea were three years in prison; the so-called "bargain" initially offered to her in July 2011. Because of the 1,030 days already spend in jail, Alexander was credited with "time served"... oh how fucking generous.) The plea meant that there would be no trial in December, as scheduled. A jury would not hear testimony from five other women that Alexander's ex-husband had also physically abused them in the past. It also meant that she would remain on probation for the following two years, and have a felony mark on her record for life. Alexander was freed from jail on January 27th 2015. 

Freed from jail, Alexander seen here with her children.

Even though Marissa Alexander is no-longer behind bars, the so-called "freedom" she has now is but an obscene facsimile of what actual freedom is. Having never been arrested nor convicted of any crime, this domestic abuse survivor now has a felony conviction to burden her for the rest of her life. She still must endure an additional two years probation, which includes house arrest and electronic surveillance monitoring via an ankle bracelet. Meanwhile, she is being forced to wear an ankle monitor, which she mush pay for herself (either that, or go into debt or back to jail). Three years in jail, over nothing! Her children taken away, her life ruined over NOTHING! And it can never ever be denied that RACE and SEX were, from the very inception, thoroughly embedded in this national case. Had Alexander been White, America would have poured its collective heart out for her! Politicians and media personalities would have gotten directly involved, and Angela Corey's office would have been embarrassed and pressured into making concessions early on. There would have been no judicially declared "technicality" coming in, more than a year after a conviction! Had Alexander been a man, fending off an attack of another man, this case would not have gone nearly as far. Especially had the results been the same: one bullet fired into a ceiling, no one injured. What was done to Alexander (and what she continues to endure) was a travesty. It was criminal. It had not a damned thing to do with justice, and everything to do with racist/misogynist double-standards, personal vignettes, politics, and re-victimization. 

Sadly, as bad as it is in FL, it's really no better anywhere else. What happened to Marissa Alexander happens to Black women all over the country, all the time. She was simply lucky in that one: her ex-husband did not murder her and two: that her ordeal received any attention at all. She is free, yes, kinda sorta. But there is no positive outcome here...     

Additional timeline of the case can be read HERE.
Facebook official solidarity page for Alexander can be viewed HERE

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Murder of Aaron Campbell: 5 Yrs. Later

On this day five years ago, Aaron M. Campbell was murdered by gang members of the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG). 

On Friday January 29th 2010 Aaron Campbell, 25 at the time - was shot in the back. His killer is/was officer Ronald Frashour, but several other cops have had both a direct and indirect role in Campbell's murder, on that night... they will be gotten to in a moment.

Despite attempting to surrender, Campbell was shot with beanbag rounds, followed by lethal live ammo. After he was shot, Campbell fell to the ground but was denied any medical attention - a human rights violation. A police K-9 dog was sicced upon him, after he was mortally wounded. He was allowed to bled to death just mere feet away from the front door of the apartment where his girlfriend, Angie Jones, had stayed. His dead body was then handcuffed, and those cuffs were not removed until his autopsy was conducted a few days later. He was shot with an AR-15 military assault rifle. Campbell himself was unarmed, though a gun was found in the apt. later on. His was but one of a number of high profile police murders that have taken place in Portland over the years.

Aaron Campbell, along with sister Lashell Douglass, visiting their ill brother Timothy.

Campbell tending to his brother Timothy in the hospital. 

Campbell's brother, 23 year old Timothy Douglass had died of heart disease and kidney failure just earlier that day, leaving him devastated. Their mother Marva Campbell Davis speaks of losing both here sons HERE. By later that Friday evening, Campbell was going through a mental health crisis and was said to have been suicidal. Concerned about Campbell, a relative had called 911. Campbell was hold up at Jones' apt. He had a gun and was suicidal. He was distraught over having just lost his brother that morning, to whom he was very close. Jones, along with her three children, were in the apt. as well. When cops along with a S.E.R.T. (special emergency response team) unit arrived, were prepared for an armed siege. This should have been nothing more than a welfare check. One 911 dispatchers relayed info. of a situation involving a) a Black man, b) a gun, c) children in the home, the worst possible scenario was assumed. But shortly after authoritarians arrived, officer James Quackenbush had contacted Campbell on his cell phone, and the two developed a repertoire. That was GOOD police work, so far. It would not last. Once it was [seemingly] understood that cops were not dealing with a violent hostage crisis - but a despondent man who had just lost his brother and never attended harm to anyone, the entire situation should have deescalated right away. Jones and the children had existed the apt. At some point, officer Quackenbush had instructed Campbell the exit as well, unarmed of course. But somewhere along the way, there had been a break-down in communication between cops on the scene. This fuck-up on their part would cost an innocent man his life. An a mother her second son in one day.

Crime scene: the Sandy Terrance apartment complex outside which Aaron Campbell was murdered by Portland cops in Jan. 2010. 

Campbell walked out of the apt. backwards, with his hands behind his head. Officer Quackenbush probably instructed him to do as such. However, other cops apparently had not expected Campbell to exit the apt. when he did, nor were aware of Quackenbush's instructions to him. Once outside the apt. cops began barking conflicting orders at him... and this is the part were details get all murky. Campbell's hands were already plainly visible. Even not knowing what Quackenbush knew, it was obvious that Campbell was no threat what so ever. He was not armed and turning himself in. Withing mere moments of walking out, officer Ryan Lewton fired six bean bag rounds at Campbell's back - a "compliance measure" since the victim apparently was not obeying orders fast enough. This caused Campbell to reach towards his back in pain, DUH. Officer Frashour immediately "mistook" this reflexive movement as Campbell "reaching for a gun". Campbell was shot once in the back, at close range. He fell to the ground, a K-9 dog was sicced on him, he was denied all medical attention, and was left on the ground for around 30 minutes until he had bled out. Campbell was dead by the time cops put cuffs on him.     

Campbell's mother Marva C. Davis, standing midst police accountability activists,  gives an interview to reporters.          
Protesters call for the firing of Ron Frashour, the pig who shot Campbell in the back with an AR-15 assault rifle.

Here is a list of the pigs who have played a role in Campbell's murder - whether directly or indirectly: 

Offc. Ronald Frashour
Offc. James Quackenbush
Offc. Ryan Lewton -
Offc. Jeff Elias -
Sgt. Liani Reyna -
Sgt. John Birkinbine -

This is apparently officer Ron Frashour. Identification has not been independently confirmed. No other photos of this pig can be found, it seems.

In February 2010, a grand jury declined to bring criminal charges against Frashour. However, in the wake of their ruling the jury did issue a list of concerns, stating that Campbell deserved better.

As a result of events on Jan. 29th 2010, officer Frashour was fired that following November. In addition, sergeants Reyna and Birkinbine, as well as officer Lewton all received 80-hour suspensions - without pay. However, through arbitration Frashour managed to regain his sorry-ass job in October 2012. This entire clusterfuck of gross (if not criminal) police malfeasance has also resulted in some very expensive litigation for the city of Portland. This includes (among other things) nearly two years worth of back-pay to killer cop Frashour, after his reinstatement, as well as a $1.2 million wrongful murder civil suit. That suit was first filed in November 2010 and settled in February 2012. A statement by Marva Davis and stepfather John Davis released to the public, which coincided with the suit's filing can be read HERE

So far as anyone is aware now, killer cop Frashour remains in the employ of the Portland Police Gestapo, though whether or not he still wears the uniform and has direct contact with the public is less clear. Every other cop involved in Aaraon Campbell's murder has either maintained their positions within the regime, or peacefully moved on - albeit not without blood on their hands. Campbell's family is also moving on, having won a settlement years prior. It is little consolation for having to bury a son/brother/father. It should be made perfectly clear, that over the course of this tragedy Campbell never committed a crime, nor was he accused of a crime. He was cooperating with police early on. He did what he was told. He was not armed, and made it clear to at least one wretched cop, that he attended harm to NO ONE. And anyone who thinks that police behavior on that night could be characterized as "negligent", is a fucking idiot rube! Campbell was lured out of that apartment. He was set up. He was MURDERED! And not a single criminal charge ever came of it. Not one single cop lost his/her job. 

Well... one did. But then he got it back, with nearly two years back pay for his "troubles". 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Jersey Cops Gun Down Motorist w/ His HANDS UP

In yet another act of blatant, racist murder, a Black motorist has been ruthlessly gunned down by vile, wretched pigs. One again, the victim had his hands UP, when he was shot. But this damned time, there is video of the crime! 

The police murder of Jerame C. Reid had taken place on Tuesday December 30th, 2014. However, a dashboard-mounted camera capturing the incident in its entirety had only recently been made public, making this a national story. The incident took place in Bridgeton, NJ. Back on Dec. 30th, 36 year old Reid was a passenger riding along with friend Leroy Tutt, 46. Tutt, who was driving, had been pulled over by two blood-thirsty gang members of the Bridgeton Police Gestapo (BPG) on a pretext of "failing to halt at a stop sign". The two pigs involved in this criminal act are officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley. The stop appeared to be routine at first. [driver] Tutt was asked to relinquish his license. Then, as if someone had flipped a switch, the the pigs when ape-shit. Apparently, a handgun was found in the glove compartment. Officer Days immediately goes into an insane rage, shouting expletives and death threats at [passenger] Reid to keep his hands up and to not move. Withing seconds, the situation drastically escalates, with both cops screaming at both the car's occupants, as they have their hands up. In the video, Tutt can clearly be seen with his left hand extended out of the driver's side window. Officer Worley grabs hold of his arm. Reid then exists the car from the passenger side, with both hands up. It is obvious he has no weapon. At this point, the cops could have simply tasered Reid. Instead, they both open fire, executing Reids on the spot. Tutt is arrested.     

Graphic video of the entire murder can be seen HERE. ***TRIGGER WARNING*** 

For clerical record, officer Braheme Days, the main antagonist in this incident, is a sell-out Black. His partner, officer Roger Worley, is a peckerwood White. Leroy Tutt and Jerame Reid are both Black. The murder victim is survived by his wife Lawanda Reid and a three month old child. It is not yet known whether any harm came to the other occupant of that car, Leroy Tutt. Days and Worley were both rewarded with paid vacation, pending an investigation. Blah, blah, blah...  

Dirty-ass, low-down, self-loathing pig Officer Braheme Days seen here, shucking and jiving for his masters.

Days' partner in crime and filthy, bastard-ass pig, Officer Roger Worley seen here.

Never one to break from routine, corporate mainstream media has wasted no time tarring and feathering the victim, post mortem. Reid's past conviction for shooting at cops (as a teenager... Reid was 36 at time of his death) was dredged up, as well as an apparent 2014 arrest for minor drug possession. So naturally, this all makes the victim's life worthless. You see, this is a typical pattern that media - in conjunction with police regimes and prosecutors - has followed for decades. So, whenever a Black person - whether innocent or suspect (the later, especially) - is murdered by either cops or racist vigilantes, here are a few guarantees you can count on happening:

- If the victim had any sort of criminal record, no matter how irrelevant, you WILL hear about it.
- If the victim had been suspected of an alleged crime, that will be harped upon, so as to justify that person's death.
- Any resistance on the victim's part - be it asserting one's Civil rights or attempting to preserve one's live - will be used as an excuse to justify their death.
- And in cases where the victim is simply too young (child/preteen) to vilify, any number of face-saving tactics will be employed as to absolve cops of wrong-doing. Even if NO measure of guilt or fault can be unfairly placed upon the victim. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

St. Louis County Cops Beat WRONG Man... Oops!

Meanwhile back in St. Louis County, MO, a 22 year old college student was viciously beaten by a gang of cops over suspicion of a crime. Cops beating suspects is obviously nothing new. It is something that should never happen, but unfortunately, will always be with us, so long as we have cops. 
But it is much worse when these pigs beat INNOCENT people by mistake!

The horrific police encounter took place on Thursday January 15th 2015. It happened in St. Ann, a small city of over 13,000. St. Ann is a suburb to St. Louis, and lies within greater St. Louis county (same as Ferguson, if that gives you an idea of where this story is going). Joseph Swink, a Black 22 year old college student, was violently beaten by White pigs, whilst they were in pursuit of an alleged suspect with various arrest warrants. That suspect was later identified as Anton Simmons - a man reported to have had 17 separate warrants out for his arrest. Swink is an accounting student who was attending his studies at University of Missouri-St. Louis. He has no criminal record. Swink was driving back home from an internship along Interstate 70, just outside St. Louis. At this moment was when police thugs, jacked up for a beating, were engaging a dangerous high-speed chase with Simmons. As Swink tried to clear a path for fast and furious on-coming police cruisers, he had lost control of his vehicle and crashed. As the car began filling up with smoke, Swink quickly exited - only to be tackled by ferocious juiced up cops. Swink immediately found himself at the hands of a severe police beating, which resulted in serious lacerations to his right ear and left side of his face. Also, his car was now totaled. Basically, cops jumped the first Black guy they saw running. A report of this disgusting incident can be viewed HERE

Wrong Black Guy! Joseph Swink seen here. Swink was mistakenly brutalized by St. Ann cops, during a high-speed chase for a completely different man who only vaguely resembles him.

DOH! Aaron Simmons, the suspect St. Ann police were in hot pursuit of, when they ended up beating an innocent man in his place.

St. Ann Gestapo Police Chief Aaron Jimenez, seen here. 

In addition to a half-ass apology on behalf of the chief, the St. Ann Terrorist Police regime may likely pay Swink's medical bill. Incurred when Swink was being treated for severe injuries - caused by cops beating his face in.   
For his part, St. Ann Gestapo Police chief/self-loathing Latino Aaron Jimenez has "apologized" to Swink for the mistaken occurrence. Chief Jimenez also insists that his officers used the "least amount of force possible" when apprehending Swink - who immediately turned out to be the wrong fucking guy. Cops realized their "mistake" when other cops radioed in that they had a suspect in custody, from a completely different location - which happened to have been the right fucking guy! Wow. 

None of the cops involved in this crime have been identified, and they never will be. Needless to say, aggravated assault charges will never be levied. If the St. Ann police regime does indeed compensate Swink for medical costs, it will only be to persuade him from filing a civil suit against them. No word yet as to whether Swink will be compensated for the loss of his car - also a direct result of police actions. Hopefully, his insurance will cover that part at least. What should be pointed out is the fact that, these pigs were already jacked up to kick somebody's ass. That they did this to an innocent man who would not possibly have resisted, pretty much shows the sheer intent of how these vile pigs operate. The only language they speak is violence and brute force, and if you're a "suspect" then most times you don't even have the option to surrender without a severe beating. 

THIS is what police are like. This is their true nature. And frankly, it remains to be seen whether any amount of "reform" will ever change sadistic cop culture.     

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crybaby Cop Caught on Camera, After Killing Unarmed Man

If there is one thing more rare than a cop facing criminal prosecution for anything, it is a cop crying. At least, a cop being caught on camera crying. Well, that is exactly what happened in the case of one Montana pig, who "broke down" after shooting an innocent man. Well, boo-hoo for him, no doubt he was all broken up about it. As for the man officer Crybaby murdered... well, that sucks for him too.

The crybaby cop in question is officer Grant Morrison, five-year gang member of the Billings Police Gestapo (BPG). The man Morrison murdered was 38 year old Richard Ramirez. The killing had actually taken place in April of last year. However, a dash cam video capturing the sobbing cop has only recently been publicly released. On the night of April 14th 2014, officer Morrison had pulled over a car with four men inside. One of those men was Ramirez, said to have been a passenger. Reasons remain unclear as to why Morrison saw fit to pull the vehicle over in the first place, identities of the other three men in the vehicle were never released. The cop had demanded all four men show their hands, but that Ramirez did not. Morrison claimed that he saw Ramirez "lowering his arm and reaching towards his waist band", so Morrison claims... guess no one will ever really know for sure. Morrison also claimed he thought Ramirez might have had a weapon. After ordering him to show his hands a few times, Morrison shot Ramirez in the chest three times. It later turned out that Ramirez had indeed been unarmed. He was alleged to have been high on methamphetamine, at the time. [It must be noted that Morrison's interactions with Ramirez that night were never fully caught on camera. And it has never been explained why Morrison could not have employed a "less-than-lethal" device, such as his taser. So, it is merely Morrison's word against that of Ramirez. And obviously, only one of them is talking.]

Upon realizing that Ramirez did not have a weapon, Morrison broke down, crocodile tears and all. This pathetic display was captured by the dashboard-mounted camera of another patrol vehicle, as several other cops arrived on the crime scene.

Cry me a river: Billings Cop Grant Morrison seen here, still red-faced from a recent crying spell, most likely. 

Happens to White men, too: Police murder victim Richard Ramirez, seen here. He was gunned down by officer Morrison last April - an altercation stemming from a simple traffic stop. Ramirez was later found to have been unarmed. A MT grand jury recently cleared Morrison of wrong doing. 

Julie Ramirez (left) and Bettie Ramirez, sister and mother of the deceased, sit anguished in a Billings courtroom during jury proceedings at a coroner's inquest into the police murder of Richard Ramirez. The Ramirez family attends to file a wrongful murder suit against the Billings Police Terrorist regime.

On Wednesday January 7th, a grand jury in Billings declined to bring a criminal indictment against officer Crybaby. Ramirez's family however, was understandably distraught by this decision. They strongly criticized the inquest as biased and one-sided. One of Ramirez's sisters, Renee Ramirez, said that testimony about her brother's past alleged drug use was irrelevant (which it is). Also, all but three of the 15 people called to testify during the inquest were vile, wretched cops. Every cop testified about his past "interactions" with the deceased. It is also well known that cops routinely LIE and purger themselves on the witness stand, in court. They also do this with total impunity, so there is that. In the wake of the jury's decision, the Ramirez family announced that they plan to file a wrongful murder suit against the Billings Police Terrorist regime. Officer Crybaby probably had spent most of 2014 thinking his career was over with... after shooting a White man. Now, he has nothing to cry about. 

Billings Gestapo Police chief/obese pig Rich St. John seen here. According to chief St. John, this was the fifth police killing in Billings in a past eight years he was head of the regime. All of them were found by grand juries to have been "justified".

Incredibly, this isn't even the first time officer Crybaby has killed... though it is likely the first time he has cried about it. On February 11th 2013, Morrison shot and killed another man, Jason James Shaw, during a routine traffic stop. On that day, Morrison claimed that Shaw "had a crazed look in his eye", and thus, had to shoot him. Shaw was reported to have been 32 years old at the time. Morrison shot him in the stomach, and he died at a local hospital later that day. A toy bb gun was said to have been found in Shaw's coat pocket later on, though he never pulled it out. Officer Crybaby was cleared of any wrong-doing in that murder, as well. Further details on James Shaw's murder can be read HERE.
Dash cam video which captures part of that incident can be viewed HERE.  

Officer Crybaby's first victim: Jason James Shaw seen here. Shaw was gunned down in Feb. 2013, during a typical traffic stop. He was unarmed.