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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Heroic Martyr Clips Two NYC Cops!

Finally, some GOOD NEWS!

A NYC man has allegedly executed two cops in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, in what has widely been described as a "revenge" attack.  

Screen shot 2014-12-20 at 3.59.30 PM

The alleged revenge killings had taken place on Saturday Dec. 20th. Shortly after the clipping the two pigs, the alleged gunman then entered a nearby subway station where it was reported that he took his own life. The gunman's name has been released as Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley. He was said to have been 28 years old.


The two worthless pigs allegedly killed by Brinsley have been identified as officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. They were reported to have been sitting in their patrol vehicle in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, when they were both shot to death at close range. Much more on this, as details continue to develop... 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Body Cams for Cops - BAD FUCKING IDEA!

   In the wake of various high publicity police murders this year - most notable that of Mike Brown, there has been a collective cry, a growing national demand, for police terrorists to be fitted with body cameras. This demand has been coming from many activists, as well as some of the family members of police murder victims. Predictably, some opportunistic whore politicians have gotten on the "body cam" band wagon. The Obama regime has also requested hundred$ of million$ to be allocated to fitting cops with body cams. This, on top of the billion$ in surplus military hardware that Obama and the federal govt. already supply to gestapo terrorist police regimes all over the country.

The central idea behind this demand is police accountability. It is understandable... but dangerously misguided. As the protest music video above by Rob Hustle demonstrates (and what ought to be common, obvious knowledge to all who pay attention), many police already have body cams. In many cases, pigs who are fitted with body cams simply turn them off, right before getting violent with someone. Not to even mention the fact that many police crimes (including many high-profile murders) have been captured by surveillance video, street/traffic cameras, and cameras mounted on the dash boards of police cruisers. also, many countless police crimes have been captured by ordinary citizen's mobile and other recording devices.

The the recent case of Darrien Hunt, (the 22 year old Utah man who was gunned down by police thugs while dressed in Anime cosplay back on Sept. 10th 2014) one of the two pig-monsters involved in Hunt's murder - officer Nicholas Judson - had been fitted with a chest-mounted body camera. However, the device was not turned on when Hunt was gunned down. And piggy Judson had later admitted to turning off his camera right before murdering Hunt. Despite their crimes, as well as their careless disregard for official police dept. policy, neither piggy Judson nor his partner in crime - cpl. Matt Schauerhamer - will never face criminal charges for the murder of Darrien Hunt. Both these criminal pigs remain employed gang members of the Saratoga Springs Police Gestapo (SSPG) to this day. 

As the police murder case of Darrien Hunt demonstrates - even cops who're fitted with body cams can simply turn them off at will. Minutes later someone ends up dead - beaten, shot, or choked to death - and NOBODY KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. These filthy-ass pigs can later fabricate reports and claim that the individual "lunged" at them... even though an autopsy report later shows said individual was shot in the back six times. Cops can claim that a person was "armed" before shooting them dead... this always turns out to have been an out-right LIE as well. These cops can murder someone at will, and simply make shit up afterwards. And if they're wearing body cams, they can just turn them off. Police commanders will later cover for lower cops by releasing official media statements claiming that cameras either "malfunction", or batteries keep dying, or that use of such devices aren't [typically] a part of dept. policy anyways. Oh, well HOW FUCKING CONVENIENT!

The cry for cops to be fitted with body-worn cameras in order to achieve some sort of accountability - is nothing but an EMOTIONAL REACTION. This is a terrible idea!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Innocent Brooklyn Man Gunned Down By POS Cop!

With all the madness swirling amid the case of police murder victim Eric Garner, one could be forgiven for missing yet another brazen murder by a NY cop.  To be honest, there have been far more homicides committed by police terrorists in this country - just recently - than the lone publisher of this blog can keep up with. Each if these deaths is horrible. Some more so than others. All are UNACCEPTABLE! 

Left to die: Police murder victim Akai Gurley.

On Thursday November 20th 2014, Akai Gurley was gunned down by a wretched, sub-human pig. The pig who murdered Gurley has been identified as officer Peter Liang, of the New York Police Gestapo (NYPG), one of the most infamous and deadly police gangs in the world. 28 year old Gurley had just entered the stairwell of a Brooklyn apartment when he was suddenly met by Liang. Officer Liang, along with his partner officer Shaun Landau, were conducting a so-called "vertical patrol" (top-to-bottom patrol of a building) that night. Both of these filthy-ass cops had been in the NYC police regime for less than 18 months. The very moment he set eyes upon Gurley, officer Liang had fired a single bullet into Gurley's chest. Liang was holding a flashlight in one hand, and his service weapon - a Glock 9-mm - in the other. Unlike in other police murder cases in which the victim had been killed within mere seconds, there was no hesitation on Liang's part, what so ever. Gurley was simply blown away in an instant. He literally had no time to react. Gurley was unarmed and completely innocent. Liang and his partner were not looking for suspects, but conducting a routine building check (or, milking the clock for overtime, the bastards).

What makes this particular killing soo insidious is that after shooting Gurley, officer Liang did not call or radio for help. Instead, what this pig did was, he texted his union representative, in an effort to save his own sorry worthless ass! Liang and Landau then spent six and a half minutes getting their LIES straight, even as a mortally wounded Gurley laid bleeding to death. During this time, neither an immediate supervisor, nor emergency staff, were able to reach the two chickenshit cops. Only a building resident would call 911. By the time Gurley was taken to Brookdale hospital, he was pronounced dead. His funeral was held on Saturday December 6th. Surprisingly (and thankfully), this was one funeral at which FBI snitch Rev. Al Sharpton was not present. On Monday November 24th, a medical examiner's office declared Gurley's death a homicide. NYC Pig Commissioner Bill Bratton called Gurley's murder, an "accident". In the wake of such cynical inhumanity, Gurley's parents Sylvia and Kenneth Palmer have demanded that the vile pig who murdered their son be charged with murder.
Out for himself: Rookie pig and murderer Peter Liang seen here. While the rest of his fellow cadets look straight ahead, Liang looks upwards. This was likely the same, ice cold look Liang had in his dead fish eyes, the night he shot an unarmed, innocent man in the chest.

Crime scene: The stairwell where rookie pig Liang shot and killed Akai Gurley, 28 yr. old father of two. A more close-up image of the blood-stained floor below. 
Accident: Officer Peter Liang claims he was holding a flashlight and had his gun drawn when he accidentally fired, striking Gurley in the chest while the young man was in a darkened stairwell (above)

BLACK LIVES MATTER!: Gurley's domestic partner Kimberly Michelle Ballinger seen here. Ballinger is holding their daughter Akaila, who is two years old.

A parent's unimaginable grief: Gurley's mother Sylvia Palmer seen here. His father Kenneth Palmer sits mourning in the background. 

Cop Who Shot Akai Gurley Texted Union Rep While Unarmed Victim Died

Louis H. Pink Houses is the name of the housing complex where Gurley was gunned down by Liang. They are located in East NY, Brooklyn. Gurley had been visiting his girlfriend, 27 year old Melissa Butler, at the time. The two left Butler's apt. to take the elevator down. The elevator was in disrepair, however, so the two then made the [fateful] decision the take the dimly lit stairwell. Butler was with Gurley when he was shot in the chest. She was with him in his very last moments, as she watched him die. Meanwhile, the pig bastard who shot him was trying to figure out how to hang on to his sorry-ass job. 

To make this already sickening case even more befuddling - it was later reported that officers Liang and Landau were actually ordered by their commanding supervisor to patrol only the exterior of the building. Commander and Deputy Inspector Miguel Iglesias ordered the two rookies to only conduct exterior patrols, and that if they were to enter the building, to only check in the lobby area. In other words, Gurley's killer had no goddamned business inside the stairwell of that building in the first place! Also, these two asshole cops hadn't even known their exact location of the building, or even the building's address! This level of gross incompetence led to a hampered response by emergency workers. Consequently, Gurley was already dead by the time his body was taken to an ER.

There will be much more on this case, as details become available... 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Grand Jury Decision in Garner Case: NO INDICTMENT

The bastard responsible for the murder of Eric Garner will NOT being facing any criminal charges. Surprise, surprise! 

The sadistic, inhumane choking murder of brother Eric Garner was first covered by Targeting Cops HERE, back in July. On July 17th of this year, Garner, a Staten Island resident, was out minding his own business. He had no weapons on him. He had committed no crime. He had no criminal history to speak of. Unable to work due to an injury, Garner was alleged to have been selling "loose" cigarettes. This is a city ordinance violation at best. Typically, people receive a citation for such a piddly little nuisance. However, Garner had suddenly found himself cornered by several rabid dogs masquerading as NYC cops. Garner had already been unduly harassed by racist cops several times before - this would be expected given NYC's infamous "stop and frisk" policy. All of you reading this knows the rest. Garner asserted himself - lawfully and rightfully as a citizen, and he was killed as a result.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo is the main pig seen in both video and stills who put Garner in choke hold against NYPD policy. He is directly responsible for Garner's death! A coroner's report from NYC's medical examiner's office had even ruled Garner's death a homicide, as covered HERE. Yet Pantaleo walks free, continuing to draw a paycheck from NY tax-payers all this time. Now, he no-longer has to worry about ever facing criminal charges for what he did. On Wednesday December 3rd, a Staten Island grand jury declined the return a criminal indictment against the pig son-of-a-bitch who murdered Garner. Other pigs who had taken part in Garner's murder were never even considered by the D.A. for possible criminal charges. Actually, other cops present that day were offered immunity in exchange for their testimony. 

Staten Island District Attorney Daniel M. Donovan Jr. (who's White, of course) and his office dictated instructions to the grand jury. The racial makeup of this jury has not yet been publicly disclosed by Donovan's office. However, some sources with intimate details of the case have eluded that the jury (comprised of 22 or 23 civilians) is roughly half White, with the other half made up of Blacks and Hispanics. Again, it is of no surprise that a White D.A. would drop the ball on bringing criminal charges against a White cop who's committed a crime. But an article by The Daily Beast HERE may provide some insight as to why D.A. Donovan was particularly derelict in his duty. Further investigation reveals that Donovan is a wretched Roman Catholic. He attended a Catholic, all-boys christian madrasa, studied law at a private Catholic school, and ultimately obtained his law "degree" from a Catholic Jesuit "law school".,_Jr.

There really isn't much more to say here. The piece-of-shit cop who put Garner in that choke hold will probably never be punished for what he did... certainly not for Garner's death. And you know - it really is something that, given the particular circumstances in this case, that a grand jury would still come to the predictable yet ever fucked-up decision that they did. And as horrifying as the murder of Michael Brown was, Garner's killing had none of the nuances of the Brown case. Garner's death was captured on video and audio - very clear from beginning to end. No need to rely upon witnesses or sift through police LIES, because the whole goddamned world was able to see for itself what was done to Garner! Unlike the petty cigarillo theft that was alleged against Brown - which needlessly clouded the judgement of some and provided ammunition for racist agitators - Garner was at best alleged to have been selling "un-taxed" cigarettes. This is not a crime, but a city ordnance violation. Those cop thugs had no right to even attempt to arrest Garner in the first place! Garner's murder was officially ruled a HOMICIDE by the medical examiner's office back in Aug. Pig Pantaleo himself has had law suits against him, alleging abuse, sexual mistreatment, and unlawful detainment. Yet despite all these circumstances, NY's grand jury still saw fit to let the monster walk free.     

Garner's widow, along with his six children, the rest of his family, and friends will continue to mourn... to them, the husband, father, cousin, uncle, friend that they knew and cared for had just been murdered all over again. NYC residents have expressed their absolute outrage over the decision, and rightfully so. Meanwhile, Garner's family are filing a $75 million wrongful death suit against the NY police regime. GOOD!     

Sunday, November 30, 2014

12 Yr-Old CHILD Murdered By Sub-Human Pig-Beast!

It has been said here and elsewhere many times before, that the monstrous atrocities committed by cops know NO earthly bounds. Sadly, we have been here before. And this will happen again. Whether it's gunning down children with toys, tossing flash grenades into baby's playpens, shooting elderly citizens, choking dogs, electrocuting disabled people, bludgeoning cuffed suspects, etc. etc. etc. We have been here before. Until the horrendous crimes of these pig-beasts are reigned in, this will happen again!


On Saturday November 22nd, Tamir E. Rice was murdered by a disgusting sub-human cop. Rice was twelve years old. He was playing with a toy bb gun at a playground when he was gunned down. This happened in Cleveland, OH. The pig-beast responsible for this cowardly act of infanticide has been identified as officer Timothy Leohmann. 26 year old Leohmann, a rookie pig, has been a gang member of the Cleveland Police Gestapo (CPG) for just over eight months. Leohmann's partner that day has been identified as officer Frank Garmback, 46. Garmback has been a gang member of the Cleveland Police regime since 2008. As usual, the innocent victim was Black - cops involved loathsome White peckerwood scum. Leohmann and Garmback were responding to a paranoid 911 call of "a kid walking around a playground with a gun, possibly fake". Rice was shot in the stomach within two seconds of these two pigs arriving on the scene. He was denied swift medical attention - a brazen human rights violation. Rice died at Metro Health medical center in Cleveland the next day. Rice was a 12 year old child and he was exactly where he should have been, doing exactly what he should have been doing at the time cops murdered him: in a playground PLAYING! 

The playground where Rice was shot is adjacent to the Cudell Recreation center. Rice had gone there with friends and his older sister. Audio of the initial 911 call can be listened to in its entirety HERE. In it, the caller (still unidentified at this point, but sounds like an elderly scared White man and is most likely a habitual cop-caller) describes Rice as "a guy with a pistol, pulling it in and out of his pants". One of the pigs at the scene who radioed in the shooting would describe the boy as "maybe a 20 year old male". It later turned out that Rice was indeed a 12 yr-old CHILD, of normal size and stature typical of any 12 yr-old child. Despite these facts, an online racist smear campaign targeted against Rice and his family is currently underway. This campaign was initially spearheaded by, a local "news" paper pertaining to regional affairs in and around the major Ohio city. is owned and pimped by an out-of-state corporate media consortium. You see, it's actually pretty goddamned hard to demonize a 12 yr.-old boy postmortem. So for the sick-minded who may be so inclined to do so, you simply attack the boy's family instead. This is what did. Attacking police murder victims and their families - this is becoming a sad and tiresome cliche and it seems to be almost unique in American degenerate society.         

Police infanticide: 12 yr-old Tamir Rice seen here. The unarmed Cleveland boy was murdered by cops on Nov. 22nd, while in a neighborhood playground. Rice was shot in the stomach. He did not die until the following day.
Gunned down: Tamir Rice, 12, was fatally shot by police on Saturday and passed away on Sunday

Child murderer: Officer Timothy Leohmann seen here, right. Leohmann was reported to have shot Tamir Rice within mere seconds of arriving (along with officer Frank Garmback) at the playground where Rice was playing.

Partner in Crime: officer Frank Garmback seen here. Garmback was riding in the same patrol car when Leohmann gunned down Tamir Rice in a local playground.

As part of standard operating procedure (SOP) for all police regimes in this country, Leohmann and Garmback have been rewarded with paid vacation. These two pigs got to spend their Thanksgiving with their families, stuffing themselves fat(er) while continuing to draw a paycheck from the city's tax-payers.  Meanwhile, Rice's body lies in a funeral home for viewing and awaits burial. Also as part of their S.O.P., the Cleveland Police regime released their "official" statement, where they LIE about Rice putting up resistance. The report's self-serving spin on the incident also essentially blames the young victim for causing his own death. So basically, the report released by the Cleveland Police regime would dare have you believe that this 12 year old boy committed "suicide-by-cop". For this evil, repulsive act of victim-shaming, the entire leadership the Cleveland Police should be sacked immediately! NO pay! 

Enough is ENOUGH! Fed up residents protesting the murder/torture of 12 yr-old Tamir Rice.
Anger: Demonstrators block Public Square in Cleveland on Tuesday as they protest the boy's shooting

And if pig Leohmann was lightening quick to put this 12 yr-old child down, he and his pig partner Garmback were sure slow in trying to help the young boy. Later reports reveal that immediately after the shooting, the two officers cowered behind their patrol car, allowing Rice to lie on the ground bleeding out. It would be several more minutes before qualified health workers arrived on the crime scene and administered emergency care. 

The murder of Tamir Rice is eerily and disturbingly similar to that of another case in Ohio.  As by covered by Targeting Cops HERE, back in August, John Crawford was murdered by cops in the city of Beavercreek, roughly 200 miles southwest of Cleveland. In the police murders of Rice and Crawford: 
- Both victims were Black.
- Both were holding TOY bb or pellet guns.
- Both were in possession of toy guns under perfectly innocent circumstances.
- The cops involved are all White.
- The racist 911 callers in each case is White.
- Both victims were shot dead where they stood within seconds of cops arriving, with almost NO chance of reacting, complying, etc.
- Both were denied immediate emergency care.
- Both were left to die, never knowing what they could possibly have done wrong. 

Now in Crawford's case, the two pigs involved (criminal officers Sean Williams and David Darkow of the Beavercreek Police Gestapo) have since been cleared by a grand jury. And considering what has been an awful pattern in other police murder cases - most glaringly that of Mike Brown - it can very well be expected that the two filthy, wretched thugs responsible for Rice's murder will also get off without facing any criminal charges.

This shit is UNACCEPTABLE! Aggravated Murder of a minor child (infanticide) in OH is punishable by DEATH (lethal injection, in this state's case)! Officer Tim Leohmann should not be rewarded with paid vacation. He should be arrested, prosecuted, put on trial, and if found guilty, EXECUTED! His scumbag partner, Frank Garmback, should be arrested and prosecuted as a criminal accomplice. If convicted, Garmback should serve 20 years to life in prison! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Portland Police Thugs Flex Muscle Amid STRONG Solidarity Presence

As in other cities, Portland saw a huge turn-out tonight in support of Mike Brown, Ferguson, and victims of police violence everywhere. 

On Monday November 24th, an all-white grand jury returned their [predictable] decision not to indict Ferguson cop Darren Wilson of criminal charges of murder. As a result, the St. Louis suburb - as well as St. Louis itself - exploded into anger. People were fed up with cops murdering innocent people and getting away with it. Shortly after the news broke, solidarity marches took place in many American cities. Portland was no exception, having saw an emergency gathering shortly afterwards. Today, an even larger turnout appeared, marching through down town Portland then across the Burnside bridge. Portland solidarity actions were organized, in large part, by the All-African People's Revolutionary Party, the Albina Ministerial Alliance, Jewish Voice for Peace, and Occupy Portland, as well as a coalition of other groups. Many people who took part were likely motivated by revelations that three local Portland cops and state employees had demonstrated full support for piggy Wilson on their facebook pages. The three cops who posted the "I Am Darren Wilson" pictures are:

Rich Storm, PPB
Rob Blanck, PPB
Kris Barber, PPB

Here is a list of other Portland cops/state employees who "liked" the pictures:

Meredith Hopper, Portland Police Bureau 
Stephen Gandy, PPB 
Tyson Estes, PPB 
Rob Brown, PPB 
Betsy Hornstein, PPB 
Erin Anderson, PPB 
Lisa Clayton, PPB 
Chris Barker, PPB 
Scherise Hobbs, PPB 
Jack Hornstein, PPB 
Thomas Brennan, PPB 
Michael Currier, PPB 
Jen Hertzler, PPB 
Lacey Sparling, PPB 
Thomas Larson, PPB 
Zack Delong, PPB 
David Rasmussen, PPB  
Sara Rilling Clark, PPB 
Josh Uwah Ladd, PPB  
Darin Ladick, Oregon State Police
Micah Persons, Oregon Department of Justice, Criminal Justice Division 
Brian Dunkin, Marion County Sheriff's Office 
Scott Fink, Oregon Department of Corrections Transport Unit

This entry will be brief for now. More insight will be provided over the next couple of days. Thanks to ALL who made an appearance tonight!

*CORRECTION - In the previous blog it was stated that the grand jury who refused to indict piggy Wilson was 'all-White'. Turns out, this is incorrect, as there were actually three Black people who sat on that jury of 12. Three self-loathing TOMS who were willing to go along, in order to get along. Targeting Cops regrets this error.


Monday, November 24, 2014

NO Indictment for Darren Wilson... Another PIG Walks Free!

Ferguson, Missouri has been burning for months now. And it now looks like they've got a long ways to go, before this shit gets any better. Earlier this evening on Monday November 24th 2014, an all-White grand[wizard] jury declined to return a criminal indictment against worthless PIG Darren Wilson. To be honest, this is no surprise. Yet it makes Michael Brown's murder no less insidious... even more so actually, since the murderer remains protected by a system that continues to see these cops get away with murder! 

People in Ferguson have been bracing themselves for weeks, in anticipation of this anonymous, all-White grand[wizard] jury's decision - as well as the frustration and rage that was to follow. Few people can honestly claim to have been surprised; this follows a very standard outcome, of racist peckerwood cops not having to face criminal charges for the murders of innocent People of Color. Now that it's all official and piggy Wilson gets to be the latest criminal thug to escape justice, citizens are letting their outrage be known in Ferguson. And no doubt, criminal police regimes have more than a few agent provocateurs strategically placed throughout the city, carrying out their marching orders to make an already unpleasant situation look down-right horrible. But just keep in mind, that the violence in Ferguson did not begin until an 18 year old college-bound Mike Brown was viciously murdered by a police thug. The violence did not begin until regiments of militarized police storm-troopers rolled in with their armored BearCats, and their surplus (govt. discounted) military hardware, committing all sorts of human rights violations, as would be expected of any terrorist state-police or hostile invading army.   

#JUSTICEFORMIKEBROWN: Citizens from cities all over the country show solidarity with the people of Ferguson, shortly after it was announced that pig Darren Wilson would not face criminal charges.

Oh, speaking of racist cops and the all-White grand[wizard] juries who refuse to indict them, evidence has recently emerged directly linking hiding piece-of-shit cop Wilson to the Klu Klux Klan. Well how about that! Wilson's newly minted wife Barbara Spradling has also been directly implicated as having racist ties. Adding to this, it has long been an established fact that most of the sub-human retches who support this coward-ass pig (setting up kickstarter campaigns and facebook pages on Wilson's behalf, holding #iamdarrenwilson rallies, etc.) are themselves active members of the KKK, as well as other White supremacist groups.

#officergofuckyourself: Portland cops show support for fellow criminal thug Wilson, posting this official badge to their facebook accounts. After an embarrassing shitstorm erupted, they were forced to take the images down. Portland Police Minister of Propaganda, Officer Pete Simpson, has yet to mention details publicly, as to how the offending cops would be disciplined.

But for all the repulsive, cop-loving goons and racist trolls who stick up for Wilson (including local support from gang members of the Portland Police), their numbers are eclipsed by those who stand by Mike Brown, with the people of Ferguson, and with all those who have known police terrorism. Shortly after news broke that no indictment would be handed down, people took to the streets all over the country! Individuals in NYC, Oakland, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, as well as here in Portland, OR displayed their solidarity with Ferguson.

More emergency direct action is planned for November 25th, and certainly for days and weeks to come.

Since this past summer, the high-profile police murders of numerous Black people have occurred, within a short cluster of time. In damn near all these cases, grand juries have refused to levy indictments against any of the criminal police thugs responsible for these murders. An all-White grand jury in the case of brother Eric Garner is currently pending. However, a decision in that case has been slowly mulled over since September. Few people know what's taking soo damned long, especially since there is clear video/audio documentation of that police murder, which occurred in Staten Island, NY just weeks prior to Mike Brown's killing. Who knows what will happen next - what's going to be the other shoe that drops.

It's almost as if this shit had all been planned from the beginning...