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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Man's Throat Crushed By Cop Beasts - Dies A Week Later

In Baltimore, Maryland, a young man was viciously attacked by a pack of wild animals on Sunday April 12th 2015. That man has been identified as Freddie Gray. Gray later died in an area hospital on Sunday April 19th, a week after his violent encounter with the animals: vicious gang members of the Baltimore Police Gestapo(BPG). According to reports, Gray's throat was crushed and his spinal cord at the neck was 80% severed. A preliminary autopsy report later concluded that Gray died from spinal injuries. 

News of Gray's death has been followed by days of major protests, demanding immediate action be taken against the monsters responsible for his murder. In the wake of all this, six Baltimore police thugs have been suspended with pay (paid vacation) as a result. These six animals, one female, five males, have also been identified. They are:

Lieutenant Brian Rice, 41.
Officer Caesar Goodson, 45.
Sergeant Alicia White, 30.
Officer Edward Nero, 29.
Officer William Porter, 25.
Officer Garrett Miller, 26.

The so-called Justice Department has also announced that it will be begin an investigation into the circumstances leading up to Gray's murder. We'll see how that turns out, but don't hold your breath for justice. Apparently there are serious, systemic problems in Baltimore, which make that city's police regime one of the worst in the country. 

Gray was 25 years old. He had committed no crime, nor was he accused of a crime. The very reason Gray was even arrested was because cops had made "eye contact" with him, and he ran away from them. That's it. That is literally the reason given for Gray's arrest, beating, and subsequent violent, horrific death. Gray was later charged - postmortem - with "carrying a knife". It's never been argued that Gray had used a knife, or any sort of weapon, against officers or anyone else. Nor was it ever claimed that cops knew that Gray had some pocket knife on his person, at the time they were profiling and harassing him. This is fucking unacceptable. The monsters responsible for Gray's murder should all be taken into custody, and charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER! Since the state of Maryland has not enforced capitol punishment since 2013, these bastard-ass cops should all be sentenced to life in prison without parole, if convicted!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Deputy "Reservist" Murders OK Man - "Mistakes" Taser for Gun!

When professor and Civil Rights attorney Byran A. Stevenson released a study earlier this year, documenting in fine detail the history of lynching and racist terror in America, it probably came as a shock to many sheltered White liberals. To most Black people however, such a study - as extremely important as it is - was little to no news at all. Mostly everyone these days thinks of lynchings as a remnants of America's Jim Crow past, when the KKK confidently marched down this country's main streets without police protection. And many cops themselves openly declared their membership to the terrorist organization. 

Perhaps it is time we reconsidered this way of thinking. With the epidemic of police murders of Black people underway, perhaps we should consider that a new form of modern lynching is upon this country. 

Klan Kountry: Decrepit, peckerwood depute "reservist" Robert Bates, pictured left. Eric Harris, the unarmed Black man murdered by Bates, pictured right.

On Thursday April 2nd 2015, Eric Harris was executed by Robert Bates, a decrepit, 73 year old sheriff's "deputy reservist". This latest police murder/lynching took place in Tulsa, OK. Bates is a wealthy insurance executive, who donated/bribed great deals of money to the Tulsa Police Gestapo(TPG) over the years. Because of this, Bates was allowed to "volunteer" on occasion. Bates has since been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter. If convicted, he faces a maximum of four measly, pissant years in prison. And this isn't even the first time a cop (or wannabe cop) apparently "mistook" his .38-caliber Smith & Wessen handgun for his police-issued taser, and ended up murdering an innocent person in the process. Let us not ever forget that of Johannes Mehserle, the former BART pig who shot Oscar Grant in the back on a subway platform on New Years 2009. Mehserle would also claim to have gotten confused about which was his taser and which was his gun, while defending his murder of Grant. In America/klan country, not only do Black lives seem to not matter, but they are cheap.


Harris was alleged to have attempted a street sale of an allegedly stolen hand gun, when Tulsa pigs moved in to arrest him. When Harris attempted to flee, cops attacked him. Harris was already on the ground and subdued by no less than two other cops, when "deputy reservist" Bates came along to have his chance at "playing cop". After all, he paid for the opportunity. When Bates deployed what he apparently thought was his taser, he shot Harris in the back instead. Harris was eventually taken to a hospital where he died an hour later. Harris was 44 years old. He was unarmed and posed no threat to cops, at the time of his execution. He leaves behind a 16 year old son named Aiden Fraley. According to Fraley, the decrepit Bates should have been in a retirement home instead of out on the street. Hardly ever, were truer words spoken.
Another father stolen: murder victim Eric Harris pictured here, along with his son Aidan Fraley, 16.

"He should have been in a retirement home, not out there on the street killing my dad!" - Harris' son Aiden Fraley.

A brother mourns: Eric Harris, pictured along with his brother Andre(left).

Here we go again: On the left is a taser/stun gun. On the right is an actually gun. Even to a blind person, the difference ought to be obvious. However, "deputy reservist" and wealthy police donor Robert Bates can't seem to tell. Even after having his training and certification records illegally falsified, one struggles to understand how he could not have known better...

As is so often the case, as more details emerge this case becomes increasingly awful and infuriating. Video - shot on a police-mounted body camera, no less - depicts the final gruesome moments of Harris' life. TRIGGER WARNING: video of Harris' arrest and summary execution can be watched HERE. In the video, one can unmistakeably hear the single gunshot. When a distressed and mortally wounded Harris exclaims that he has just been shot and is losing his breath, one of the animals holding him down yells, "FUCK YOUR BREATH!". That can be clearly heard as well. Also, on April 16th a damning report came out claiming that Tulsa County reserve deputy's records declaring Bates to have been adequately trained were in fact falsified! Tulsa County sheriff Stanley Glanz claimed that Bates had completed the minimum 480 hours of field training required of all reservists, and was "certified" to use up to three handguns, including the .38-caliber used in Harris' murder. However, according to a report by The Tulsa World newspaper, supervisors were ordered to sign off on training sessions Bates never completed, and firearms certifications he never earned. When three supervisors initially refused to criminally falsify paperwork on Bates' behalf, they were "reassigned" to other departments. And even though sheriff Glanz insists that Bates was properly trained and certified, he was forced to admit that the paperwork to prove such claims "could not be found". Oh well HOW CONVENIENT!

Tulsa County sheriff pig Stanley Glanz pictured here giving a media conference in defense of Bates. It's worth noting that Bates, a wealthy insurance exec, donated heavily to Glanz's campaign for Tulsa sheriff. The two good ol' boys also have close personal ties.

Conspiracy/cover-up: Dylan Goforth and Ziva Branstetter seen here in media interview on April 16th. They are the reporters who first broke the story of Robert Bates' falsified records at The Tulsa World newspaper. The two have since "resigned" from the paper.

UPDATE: On Monday April 20th, it was reported that the two journalists who first broke the story on Bates' falsified records have since mysteriously resigned from the paper they worked for. Reporters Dylan Goforth and Ziva Branstetter first broke that story on The Tulsa World paper. They cited anonymous sources which said that Bates never completed state-required field training, nor weapons certifications in order to be a deputy reservist. The two also reported that when three supervisors refused to break the law and falsify papers for Bates, they were sacked. Paperwork proving Bates training were never produced by the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office. Now Goforth and Branstatter are no-longer at TTW. The paper's executive editor, Susan Ellerbach, claimed that the two reporters had "taken job opportunities elsewhere". Riiight!     

UPDATE: On Wednesday April 15th, at least two other animals involved in Harris' heinous death have been identified. Their names are deputies Joseph Byars and Michael Huckeby. Byars has been identified as the one who yelled at Harris, "FUCK YOUR BREATH", as as a shot Harris was bleeding to death. Huckeby has been identified as the one kneeling into the back of Harris' neck. Byars would later make the outrageous claim that he did not know that Harris was shot when he mocked the victim who said that he could not breath. Both of these pigs would also claim that Harris would "struggling" and "resisting". However, it is nearly impossible to tell from the video whether Harris was indeed struggling... or whether he was being tortured by sadistic, racist cop thugs.

Black Genocide: This video image still depicts Eric Harris face-down on pavement, with wild rabid animals on top of him. At this moment Harris has just been shot by Bates, notice the blood running down his right arm.

Roid rage: This dork with the stock "tribal" tattoo on his left arm is deputy Michael Huckeby. He is the one with his knee on Harris' head.

UPDATE: On Tuesday April 21st, a judge granted Bates permission to attend a planned vacation to the Bahamas while he remains out on bail. That insane decision was made during a court hearing in which Bates formally pleaded "not-guilty" in Harris' murder. White privilege has rarely been soo brazen.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ramsey Orta Faces Continual Retribution from Vile Cops

The heinous crimes of police terrorists all over this country and world are not always limited to their immediate victims. Indeed, police terrorism often extends beyond the immediate shooting, beating, and choking victims we always heard about up front. For those brave citizens who dare attempt to keep these monsters in check and expose their crimes, they too are often subjected to the utter wrath of vengeful "law" enforcement as well. For his courageous act, Feidin Santana - the man who filmed Walter Scott's murder in Charleston, S.C. earlier this month - he currently fears for his life and safety. Another man who already knows Santana's situation all too well, is Ramsey Orta

Ever since he filmed the police choke hold murder of Eric Garner in July 2014, Ramsey Orta and his family have been facing retaliation and nonstop harassment by sadistic criminal gang members of the New York Police Gestapo(NYPG). After another stint at NY's Riker's Island for yet another bogus false charge, Orta was released on Friday April 10th 2015. A month after Garner was killed (and a day after a local coroner declared Garner's death a homicide), Orta was falsely arrested on a phoney "gun" charge. New York district attorney Dan Daonovan would later seek an indictment against Orta, even though a grand jury assembled by Donovan refused to seek any criminal indictments against the thugs responsible for Garner's murder - including scumbag officer Daniel Pantaleo. To this day, the only person involved in the saga that is the Eric Garner murder case that has been arrested and prosecuted - is the person who filmed it! Shortly after Orta's first arrest in August 2014, Orta's wife Chrissie Ortiz was falsely arrested on phony "assault" charges. Not only that, but Orta's brother and mother have all been arrested over the last few months! Orta insists (and all evidence suggests as such) that ever since he filmed Garner's murder last July, cops have made it a point to retaliate against not only him, but his entire family.
This is what happens when you film the cops: Chrissie Ortiz, wife of Ramsey Orta, gives a T.V. interview last year. Ortiz speaks of the false arrests of her husband and herself, as well as non-stop harassment of her family by NYC cops.

In February 2015, Orta was arrested again. This time, it was a phony, trumped up "drug" charge. Since then, supporters have set up a 'Go Fund Me' account in order to raise bail for the embattled cop-watcher's release. However, scumbag D.A. Donovan had initially refused to respond to the effort, and ordered a so-called "bail source hearing" to determine  whether funds raised on Orta's behalf were of a "legal" manner. This is particularly outrageous since money raised via crowd-sourcing is considered to be completely legitimate. Thankfully, after a critical mass of public blowback, dirtbag Donovan caved and rescinded his order. On April 10th Orta was allowed to walk out of Riker's Hellhole, after family and supporters posted his bond. He had been sitting in the notorious jail for over two months.    

It's extremely worth noting that, during Orta's stint at Riker's, a scandal had broken out alleging that correctional guards had been dosing inmate's meals with rat poison. On March 3rd 2015, 19 inmates fell extremely ill with nausea and vomiting. It was later discovered that the meatloaf served to the prisoners was laced with rat poisoning. Because of this, Orta had gone on a hunger strike, in fear that prison guards would poison him as well. Meanwhile, the men poisoned back in March have filed suit against Riker's Gulag and the city of NY. 

Ramsey Orta has up-coming court hearings. There is no telling what dirty illegal tricks the D.A. will try and come up with in order to deny Orta his civil rights. Already, many people have shown an outpouring of solidarity for Orta - who happens to be a hero. This support will continue, as the police and prosecutor assaults upon Orta and his family are also seen as assaults on the Black Lives Matter movement. And D.A. Dan Donovan is himself a criminal scumbag, who doesn't think twice about breaking the law for his own political agenda. Reader, may you be made aware that Donovan happens to be running for a congressional seat on the racist GOP ticket. He has received heavy donations from terrorist police gangs. And in a recent campaign debate, a man accused Donovan of having blood on his hands, before being forcibly thrown out of the venue. 

For a great article on Ramsey Orta, (NYC mayor) Bill de Blasio, and police thuggery in general, go HERE. Justice for Orta, Eric Garner, and ALL victims of police terrorism must be sought! By any means, no matter what!   

Thursday, April 9, 2015

SC Pig Guns Down Motorist - Now Charged W/ MURDER!

Someone take Hell's temperature, the place may very well have frozen over. Yet another police murder has recently taken place. In North Charleston, South Carolina this time. Most of the elements are all the same - the victim is Black, the offending officer is a White, peckerwood piece-of-shit cop. Once again the murder has been caught on video. Far too often in just the recent past, even clear video evidence has seldom been enough to get a killer cop indicted by a grand jury. 

But this time things are a little different. This time, the pig involved went just a bit too far. Just days after gunning down an unarmed man running for his life, this pig has been charged with MURDER

On Saturday April 4th 2015 Walter Scott was pulled over by (now former) officer Michael Slager. The pretext given for Slager pulling Scott over was an alleged broken tail light. There are details still being worked out, but here are the base facts as follows:

33 year old (ex)cop Slager demands identification and registration from Scott. Words are exchanged between the two. At some point Slager tases Scott while he is still in his vehicle. Slager walks back to his patrol car. Scott, who was clearly and justifiably in fear for his life, exits his car and started running. Slager immediately gives chase, but then realizes he has a gun. So the (now former)cop pulls his service glock out and shoots Scott in the back 8 times. Slager walks up to Scott and handcuffs him, even as the victim lays face-down on the ground dying. Slager then jogs back to his patrol car about 30 feet away, picks up his stun gun, jogs back to Scott, and drops the weapon next to Scott's body. Scott, who was 50 years old, was unarmed and no weapon was ever recovered from his vehicle. He had once served in the U.S. Coast Guard. He leaves behind four children.

Death penalty for his killer! Walter Scott seen here.

A father taken away: Police murder victim Walter Scott seen here photographed with his children - Miles(l), Sebastian(bottom l), Samantha, and Walter Jr.
NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi

Murder in progress: Cell phone image stills of Walter Scott in green shirt. Running away from Slager who aims and fires at him. Another still shows Slager standing over Scott's bullet-riddled body. Slager appears to be kicking Scott's body, making sure he's dead.

U.S. hero murdered by common thug: Mugshot of Slager shortly after his arrest, left. Scott during his days as a Coast Guardsman, right.

In initial police reports, Slager would claim that Scott attempted to "wrestle him for his stun gun". Slager would also claim that he "feared for his life" and that he had no choice but to shoot Scott in "self-defense". These are typical cop LIES, and as with just about every other case of police murder, the official police report wildly differs from witness and/or video accounts. Thankfully, a brave citizen cop-watcher captured the murder on his cell phone. It contradicts Slager's claims of what happened on that day. As a direct result of this video evidence, Slager was arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday April 8th. He was also subsequently fired - no paid vacation, no "desk duty" while an already bias prosecutor takes his sweet time assembling an equally bias grand jury... FIRED! This is perhaps the main thing that sets this case apart from so many others. And it is why Slager will not be refereed to as "officer" here. One should not rejoice yet, though. Cops losing their jobs and facing criminal prosecution for murder isn't unprecedented - just rare. And this process has only begun. Don't forget that a completely innocent man is dead, who otherwise ought not be. It's going to be a long time before his killer sees the inside of a prison cell. It's far from a sure thing that even that much will happen. And if it does, who knows how long his sentence will be. After all, Oscar Grant's killer, disgraced former cop Johannes Mehserle, did barely 11 months in prison for his crime. So, the long arduous road to real justice has only just begun, and results befitting justice are far from promised. And since the media typically likes to dig into the history of police murder victims in order to dehumanize them postmortem, it is very much worth mentioning that ex-cop Slager himself has a history. To find out what that history is, you can view this article by The Root HERE

The citizen cop watcher who witnessed Scott's murder is Feidin Santana. It is his cell phone footage which depicts not only Slager firing eight rounds into Scott's back, but Slager also planting his police-issued stun gun next to Scott's body. Santana is a hero, no doubt about that. But now he had better watch his back - the police will be seeking revenge for exposing one of their own in the act of not only committing murder, but also desecrating the victim's body and attempting cover up his crimes afterwards. One must not forget that after Ramsey Orta filmed and exposed the police chock hold murder of Eric Garner in Staten Island, NYC terrorist cops have retaliated against him with a ferocious vengeance! Ever since Garner's death last July, Orta has been arrested no less than twice on phony gun and drug possession charges. Not only that, but his wife and several other family members have all been falsely arrested on bogus charges. More on Ramsey Orta in the next TC submission.      

Watching the cops who're now watching him: Feidin Santana seen here giving a media interview.
Feidin Santana is the bystander who captured Scott’s last moments on a cell phone camera.

Another Black family mourns: Walter Scott's parents Judy and Walt. Sr., along with brother Anthony Scott(l) give a press conference.

OUTRAGED and grieving: Walter Scott's family mourns, as they struggle to make since of a senseless murder.

On Friday April 10th, Mumia Abu-Jamal weighed on the police murder of Walter Scott. From his bed in the SCI Mahanoy prison infirmary in Frackville, PA, still recovering from untreated diabetes complications, Mumia gave his weekly commentary via Prison Radio. It is titled "Of Punks, Predators, and Pigs". The audio for that can be listened to HERE
Democracy Now's Jaun Gonzales recently wrote an op-ed for the New York Daily News titled, "When Will the Killings of Black Males By Cops Cease?" That article can be read HERE.

On Saturday April 11th, Walter Scott was laid to rest in Charleston

Ex-officer/lifelong pig Michael Slager is being held in the Charleston County jail, as of the publication of this entry. according to reports, he is being kept in complete isolation: any time his sorry worthless ass has to be moved, an entire cell block is cleared out and he is flanked by guards who surround him on all sides. This is all with good reason. According to one recently released person, "Slager wouldn't last a week in general pop.". No damned doubt, he wouldn't. Life's a bitch when you're living in fear. Now he knows what that's like! 

  He wouldn’t last one week in the general population before someone shivved his ass.” - Recently released former inmate John Aitchek

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mumia Released From Hospital, Taken Back to Prison

Mumia Abu-Jamal has been released from a hospital in Pottsville, PA and taken back to prison. Mumia was initially hospitalized on Monday March 30th under mysterious circumstances. Later confirmed to have been a medical emergency related to diabetes complications, Mumia's condition had at first not been publicly made known by prison officials. Actually, Mumia had not always had diabetes. It was a condition which had recently developed, almost certainly due to the horrendous diet and lack of sufficient nutrients prisoners typically have access to, while behind bars. It's really something international human rights groups ought to be looking into. But HEY - when you're a mega-super power such as the Imperial U.S., you can do no wrong. Our prisoners are treated humanely, our laws are just, our courts are impartial, our voting system is fair, and our food supply is not slowly poisoning us... *everyone knows this.
But this medical emergency should be seen not as a standard case of gross neglect, so much as but the latest attempt on Mumia's life. One has to keep in mind, Mumia's life has been in danger ever since he was framed for the bogus killing of a Philadelphia cop in 1981. On the very night of his false arrest, Mumia was shot in the chest, but obviously survived. His head was then slammed into a telephone pole by cops, while on a gurney. He was savagely beaten by cops while he was taken to the hospital. And at least one cop was documented as having stepped on Mumia's drainage tube while in the emergency room. Of course, Mumia had been on PA's Death Row up until 2013, so no less than three execution orders had been fended off by his lawyers, family, friends, and immense international support. Since his grossly unjust imprisonment, Mumia has become possibly the most regarded political prisoner in the world (and he has very righteous company). He has become a top arch nemesis for for philly cops, prosecutors, corrupt court judges and worthless politicians based in PA, and most of all... the Fraternal Order of Police. All of these forces have tried to murder Mumia several times by now. At this point they know that they cannot simply shot him down in his cell, or even have him befall some "mysterious accident". So their now is to just let him die of medical malfeasance. Fortunately, those who are close to Mumia are onto such nefarious plans. Now, in the wake of Mumia's medical developments, a fierce international movement is underway to not only demand that he receive proper treatment, but that he be immediately freed!

Mumia was released from the Intensive Care Unit at Schuylkill Medical Center on Wednesday April 1st 2014. He was taken back to the infirmary at SCI Mahanoy prison in Frackville, PA. Further details on this can be viewed in the Democracy Now link HERE. When Mumia was first taken to the hospital outside of prison (a move which is rare and said to be done only when an inmate is in the most graven medical need), he had gone into diabetic shock. This was caused by the fact that he was given the wrong medication (whether negligently or on purpose - this has not yet been determined). As a result, his blood-sugar levels skyrocketed to a dangerously high 779, sending him into a diabetic coma (by comparison, normal blood-sugar levels are about 140 average, after a meal). By the time he was taken to Schuylkill Medical Center, Mumia was within hours of dying. Neither friends nor family had been notified of the medical emergency. The only way it was found out was when long time friend and ally Johanna Fernandez had gone to check on him in prison... only to discovered he was not there. 

After a couple of days of stonewalling - on both information and permission of visits), prison officials finally allowed members of Mumia's inner circle to see him. Before being discharged, Mumia was able to see his wife Wadyia Cook-Jamal, his brothers Kieth and Bill Cook, and his eldest son Jamal Hart. When they saw Mumia, his condition had stabilized but he was still thirsty and in pain, with labored breathing. With one arm shackled to a gurney frame and the other arm hooked to an IV drip dispensing insulin, the life-long radical activist was surrounded by armed guards during his entire stay at the hospital.  

Unbreakable family ties: This 2014 photo shows Mumia along with his oldest son Jamal Hart and his brother Keith Cook. 

(L to R)long time attorney Rachael Wolkenstein, Mumia, and wife Wadiya Cook-Jamal.

Comrades in Arms! Mumia seen here along with long-times friends/supporters Johanna Fernandez(L) and Heidi Boghosian(R). 

There is now a national and international movement to save Mumia's life, and see to his being released from prison all together. Due to his complete innocence, combined with a thoroughly corrupt PA judicial system, there has always been a sustained effort to see that Mumia be given a fair trial, if not an immediate pardon. Several execution orders by the state of Pennsylvania have been successfully thwarted by his lawyers over the years. Now it appears the state is trying to murder the former Panther by default. On Friday April 3rd, supporters rallied outside SCI Mahanoy prison in Frackville, PA to demand that Mumia receive medical care from non-prison doctors. Supporters also demand that Mumia be granted rightful visitation by his family, friends, and lawyers. On Friday April 10th, a National Day of Action is planned to take place in cities all over the country. Many conscious citizens - including long-time Mumia supporters, prison reform and racial justice activists, and various solidarity groups with #Ferguson, #Don'tShoot, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement, will rally in U.S. cities in order to demand that Mumia be allowed humane and adequate medical treatment, as well as draw attention to continued and unjustified incarceration.

For many years, Mumia has been providing commentary addressing many topics, from the state of American racial affairs to global farcical war on terror, Israel's continued genocide against Palestinian people, the corporate/military/police-state/surveillance/industrial matrix, and the insane drug war, as well as many other issues. Despite imprisonment and dire medical issues, he has not skipped a beat yet. His weekly commentary is broadcasted on Prison Radio, and can be listened to HERE.

There is a short documentary which makes the case for Mumia's innocence, and points out his fight against the Philly Police Gestapo, as well as a racist court system. It is called 'Manufacturing Guilt' and it can be viewed HERE.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Mumia Abu Jamal Reportedly Hospitalized - Life In DANGER!

Legendary freedom-fighter, radical journalist, innocent political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal has reportedly been hospitalized for a "medical emergency".

As most of you reading this may know, Mumia, age 60, was falsely accused in the December 1981 killing of some wretched cop in Philadelphia, whose name is not worth mentioning at this time. Mumia was convicted and sentenced to Pennsylvania's Death Row in July 1982, and has been incarcerated ever since. Mumia has strongly maintained his innocence this entire time, and he has become the most famous and internationally recognized political prisoner in America. In December 2011, Mumia left Death Row for the first time, his sentence having been commuted to "life without parole". In addition to being a life-long political activist, Mumia was also a prominent member of the Black Panthers - Philly chapter. He was also closely associated with the M.O.V.E. organization, a radical Leftist group who believed in Pan-Africanism. Both groups have been heavily targeted by both the F.B.I. and local/state police terrorist agencies.

It was reported today on Monday March 30th 2015 that Mumia was rushed to the Schuylkill medical center in Pottsville, PA for a so-called "emergency". So far, no details regarding his medical condition have been released. No one has yet been allowed to see him - including his attorney Bret Grote, as well as family members. There WILL be updates on this story, as they are made available.   

UPDATE: Mumia said to to be surrounded by guards, family and friends refused access to see him. For more info. on this, go this Democracy Now link HERE.

UPDATE: Mumia is being treated for complications related to diabetes. His wife Wadiya Cook and brother Kieth Cook have been permitted to see him. According to family as well as lawyer Grot, Mumia has been hospitalized in intensive care. Mumia had complained for the past several months about his health. However, inadequate medical care in prison eventually lead to Mumia falling into a severe medical emergency. More details on this can be read at Colorlines HERE. Additional reliable info. can be read at BlackAmerica Web HERE.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

SanFran Cops Caught in Racist Text Scandal

What further proof does one need that all, ALL cops are fucking scumbags? Maybe not every cop is gunning down someone, or choking someone out, or beating, raping, arresting someone unjustly. But for every tyrant piece-of-shit cop out there who does commit violent heinous crimes against the citizenry, there are ten to twenty who are simply foul human beings, and carry their foul behavior over into their line of work. It is these lowlife, wretched cops who keep the 'Blue Wall Of Silence' fortified - not just those "few" bad actors. 

For every terrorist cop who kills or beats someone down, there are dozens who can be counted upon to look the other way and keep their mouths shut... except when it comes to sending racist and homophobic texts, then these pigs are full of talk! 

Several gang members of the San Francisco Police Gestapo (SFPG) have been caught up in a scandal involving the sending and receiving of racist and homophobic text messages, while on duty. It all had begun with the disgraceful downfall of one sergeant over something completely different. From there, the case expanded into the text scandal in which multiple cops had been implicated. Former SF sergeant Ian Furminger had recently been convicted on federal conspiracy charges. He also robbed street level drug dealers in his spare time. As part of the investigation into Furminger's criminal activities, he was also subsequently revealed to have been the primary actor in a series of bigoted text messages. That investigation had initially implicated four other cops, in addition to Furminger. But soon after, it had expanded to include as many as ten suspect cops. On Tuesday March 17th 2015, SF District Attorney George Gascon had announced a review of over 100,000 convictions for "potential bias". The entire SF Terrorist Police regime is now under scrutiny, thanks to one rotten apple. Except it has always been far more than just one, hasn't it? 

Former SF sergeant/now convicted felon Ian Furminger seen here, looking as miserable as ever. That's what he gets for being a piece-of-shit!

One of the numerous texts passed amongst SF cops. As part court documents, these texts are now available to the public. 

Meanwhile, in the wake of the SF Police Terrorist regime's texting scandal (textgate), one of the dirtbag cops implicated has taken the easy way out, and resigned. Officer Michael Robison, a 23 year veteran of the SF police, turned in his resignation, as confirmed by his lawyer on Wednesday March 18th 2014. Robison had been one of the four other cops accused in the initial texting scandal. According to reports, Robison had knowledge that he was about to face termination, so decided to take the chickenshit way out instead. Typical. In addition to Robison and (convicted felon) Furminger, the names of the other three cops implicated in the initial text scandal are as follows:

Officer Michael Celis
Officer Rain Daugherty 
Officer Noel Schwab

These other three cops are apparently still trying to hang on to their sorry-ass jobs. As for Furminger, the disgraced former sergeant is expected to surrender himself to authorities in early April, to begin serving a three year five month prison sentence. GOOD! It would be nice if these goddamned cops were actually made to do prison time for MURDERING innocent people. But whatever it takes. Of interesting note, it is worth mentioning that officer Robison is also openly Gay. Robison, who's 46, first joined the SF Police Terrorist regime in 1992, as an openly queer cop. The more naive amongst us might be inclined to think that an out-of-the-closer queer cop might be just a bit empathetic to those who have traditionally bore the brunt of police vitriol and violence - which certainly includes queer positive folks. However, one may quickly remember that an African American cop cannot be counted upon to be any kinder to his fellow Black citizens, any more so than his White comrades. So often in fact, that Black cops prove to be even more vicious towards citizens with similar complexions. And while female cops are generally a bit more humane than their male counterparts (female cops having rarely been involved in violent beatings and killings of unarmed persons. Involvement in police sexual assaults of innocent persons being statistically nonexistent for the lady cop), the truth is, they too are willing participants in an authoritarian system which inflicts terror and death in the guise of "law enforcement" upon defenseless people. THEY TOO can be reliably counted upon to turn their heads and keep their mouths shut, whenever fellow officers do the very crimes that they [themselves] might not have quite the stomach for. 

It is called the 'Blue Wall Of Silence' for a reason, and there are very few exceptions to this. Those very few who dare to maintain their humanity, those very few who wouldn't keep their mouths shut, those very few who proved to be exceptional... they don't stay cops for long. See: Cariol Holloman-Horne. See: Christopher Dorner. It is, as one would say, the nature of the vile beast.    

YMCA: (now former) cop Michael Robison appearing on the front cover of the March 1998 edition of The Advocate, a widely distributed magazine which caters to an LGBT readership. 

This is just a few of the transcripts released, of the text messages that were swapped amongst various SF terrorist cops, including Furminger and Robison.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Confounding Case of Miriam Carey

 This one is BIZARRE, no doubt about it. This case is also infuriating and sketchy on every level. An innocent woman is dead. Her daughter is without a mother. No one has been held accountable. And this case remains shrouded in complicated mystery and unanswered questions. One common and tragically familiar thread here is that the victim is Black and the police who murdered her are all White (presumably). 

SO, nothing new there!

On October 3rd 2013 a 34 year old dental hygienist named Miriam Iris Carey was gunned down for seemingly no reason at all. The second of five sisters, Carey had grown up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. As an adult, she lived in Stanford, CONN. Her murder took place in Wasthington D.C. - quite possibly the most heavily fortified, monitored, and policed jurisdiction on Earth... outside of Israel. Several Secret Service agents and Capitol Police Gestapo (Metro police terrorists for the city of D.C.) fired a total of 26 bullets at Carey - extreme overkill, standard police method of death for People of Color. Carey was inside of her black Nissan Infiniti coupe when she was hit with five bullets - three in her back, one in her left arm, one in the back of her head. These wounds have been confirmed in her official autopsy report, which can be read HERE. Her [then] 13 month old daughter Erica was seated in, what had to have been a brightly colored and obvious child's car seat in the back. Clearly, this baby's life was of no concern to cops/agents on the scene, who seemingly went mad with rage. Carey's daughter was physically unharmed in the deadly police attack. One silver lining in this nauseating case, is that due to the girl's very young age at the time, it is hopeful that she will have escaped any memory (and accompanying PTSD) of seeing her mother die in a fusillade of bullets, shattering glass, and splattering blood. Even though Carey's death took place in Oct. 2013, there has been surprisingly (and suspiciously) little coverage of it. Especially compared to many other high-profile police murders, which had received (and continue to receive,) much more attention. When Carey was first murdered by SS agents and Capitol cops in such an incredibly public display, it apparently caused quite the stir for a couple of news cycles. Then... total media blackout. This case has largely come back to light now, due to her family's persistence, as well as a recent Democracy Now report. That report can be viewed HERE.
As mentioned earlier, for such a dramatic and public authoritarian murder, this case has received suspiciously little coverage. Excluding various opinion blogs and libertarian-leaning sites espousing all manner of ridiculous conspiracies (none of which will be repeated here in this blog), there are very few credible, mostly unbiased media outlets which have given this any attention at all. Even then most articles concerning this case date back to 2013, in the days and weeks after the incident. Much of the information in those early articles has since been proven incorrect, though proper follow-ups are also hard to come by. However, in addition to the Democracy Now coverage mentioned, the Washington Post has and article which came out in November 2014 - 13 months after Carey's mysterious death. the WP article is extremely comprehensive, corrects much of the initial disinformation, and asks many tough yet necessary questions, which remain unanswered to this day. That article can be read HERE. An article from The Root, posted back in September 2014, is of good quality as well and I also recommend it. That article can be read HERE. It also mentions other White House-related security breaches, in which the assailants in those cases had been arrested - not KILLED. One particular case cited, is that of Omar J. Gonzalez - a 42 year old Iraq war vet who suffered from PTSD. In Sept. 2014 Gonzalez jumped a gate, ran across the presidential lawn, and made it inside the White House - armed with a knife. Within minutes, he was subdued by security. A later search of Gonzales' vehicle turned up machetes, axes, and 800 rounds of ammunition. Gonzalez was arrested without further incident. He was NOT KILLED. By comparison, Miriam Carey seemed to have taken a wrong turn, breezed past a makeshift "barricade" that some plainclothes cop had set up, drove down a D.C. street at about 19 miles per hour in a 25 ml. per hour zone, before being blocked in by cops and SS agents, who then proceeded to riddle her car with bullets. NO regard to either the baby in the car, nor the public's safety had been given. NO orders for Carey to exit the car were ever given. NO attempt to take her into custody ALIVE were made. Obviously, president Obama's precious fucking life was nowhere near in danger, and the White House itself was not even within eyesight of the spot where authorities murdered Carey. She was unarmed and had never been arrested. That autopsy report turned up no presence of narcotics nor alcohol in her system. Many have questioned Carey's apparent mental state at the time, citing a documented bout of postpartum depression, as well as earlier reports of police encounters. Reports which have never been verified, and are largely on the word of Eric Francis - Carey's then boyfriend and father to Erica. But none of this adds up, as the WP article points out. The woman was well-educated and held down two jobs - a dental practice in Ardsley, NY where she last clocked out on Wed. Oct. 2nd 2013. Her other job was also a dental practice in the Bronx, which she had been scheduled to work on Sat. Oct. 5th. She lived in an up-scale condo in Stamford, CONN with her daughter (the child's father, Francis, also reportedly lived at this residence until some months prior). A single mother who commuted more than 20 miles to work in two different cities every week - doesn't sound crazy to me! Also, her 13 month old daughter was with her at the very moment she died, so Carey was hardly on some suicide mission.

It sounds and looks like Carey took an honest wrong turn down some high-security area, turned around, tried to leave, and than panicked (likely out of fear for her child) when cops began jumping in front of her car with weapons drawn, all of a sudden. As mentioned before, they were all plain-clothed and never announced themselves as law enforcement. So in all certainty, Carey was scared to death and understandably so.

Carey's funeral was held on October 15th 2013 in NYC. Carey's family filed a law suit against both the Capitol police and SS in July 2014. Erica is currently living with her father, who has many questions of his own to answer... but he demands to be paid to give info. Carey's mother and surviving sisters are currently in a custody battle against Francis for the child, now three years old. The SS agents and Metro officers involved in Carey's murder have yet to be publicly identified - and likely never will be. A year and a half later, many puzzling questions still remain. One of those questions, is whether Black lives really DO matter. The answer to that one remains elusive...