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Monday, October 20, 2014

Innocent Man Tasered By Pig... For Refusing to Show Papers!

Acts of police terrorism know no bounds. In the bleak dystopian pseudo-reality of the warrior cop, Civil rights do not exist, everyone is a suspect, and all are immediately subject to violent punitive measures. Like wild rabid dogs, any slightest bit of resistance (including individuals asserting their civil rights) can trigger absolute rage in these monsters.

In September 2014, a passenger in IL was electrocuted by a violent police thug... over an alleged seatbelt violation! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Updates On Some Prior Stories

For this blog's single, full-time working author, it is impossible to keep up with the sheer number of police crimes and authoritarian acts of terrorism, which take place in just [this] country alone. Add to that, armed racist vigilantes who seem to be brought to justice at rates only slightly higher than those of actually bastard-ass cops (official state/govt. powers do go a long ways, but White male privilege alone also tends to help greatly).

The purpose of this latest entry by Targeting Cops is to give updates (with biases, of course) to a handful of previously covered cases. There is some good news, some fucked-up news, the rest continues to unfold and awaits final conclusion...


The shooting murder of Jordan Russell Davis was first covered HERE back in February 2014. On November 23rd 2012 Davis, a 17 year old Black high school kid, was riding with friends when they parked at a gas station in Jacksonville, FL. Racist thug Michael Dunn was also at that gas station at the same time. Dunn, a resident of Satellite Beach (roughly 40 miles south of Jacksonville), was in town for his son's wedding. Dunn had taken "offense" to supposedly loud music which was playing from the Dodge Durango SUV in which Davis had been a passenger. Even though he was going to be at the gas station for all of, maybe, 5 goddamned minutes, Dunn began bullying the Black teens to turn their music down. When they refused (as they were well within their Right to have done so), Dunn pulled out a gun and fired ten bullets into the teen's SUV. Several of those bullets hit Davis, killing him. His three friends were physically unharmed, though severely traumatized.
Dunn, along with his [then] girlfriend, went back to their hotel room. As cold-blooded as any human could be, Dunn ordered pizza, enjoyed a good night's sleep, and went back home the next day - where he was arrested and taken into custody. Dunn tried to claim he was "standing his ground" against "thuggish Black teens" whom had "pointed a shotgun" at him. He claimed to have "feared" for his life. These were all bold-faced LIES and they did his sorry ass no good in court. On February 15th 2014, a jury had deadlocked on first degree murder in Davis' death, but had found him guilty of three counts of attempted murder (for the other three people who were in the vehicle that night, all of whom testified against Dunn during trial). Even though Dunn (45 years old at the time) had already faced up to 75 years in prison for the attempted murder convictions, reaction to the verdict was mixed. After all, HOW could this violent racist thug be guilty of trying to shoot three innocent people, but not as guilty of shooting the one person who ended up dead???  

That question would [begin] to be answered on September 22nd 2014, when Dunn would face re-trial for Davis' death. On October 1st, Dunn was FOUND GUILTY of first degree murder! In addition to the 75 years he already was facing, Dunn now is looking at a mandatory life sentence... without the chance of parole. In other words, Dunn's ass is DONE! TC will give a 'final report' when this revolting POS is sentenced.
Justice had: Rest In Peace, brother. You have been avenged...



As first reported HERE last year, on November 2nd 2013 Renisha McBride had gotten into a car crash while driving back home to Detroit, MI. McBride, who had been intoxicated at the time, was able to walk away from the crash, but she was dazed, bloodied, and likely suffered a concussion. The 19 year old Black woman was searching for help in the early hours of that morning, when she ended up on the front steps of Theodore Wafer's home. Wafer, an airport employee at that time, heard someone banging on his front door. When he opened it and saw a desperate, injured, petite young woman who wasn't White, he raised the shotgun which was already in his hand, pointed it at McBride's head, and blew her away. Wafer took his sweet time calling 911, and police/medical response showed up to find McBride lying on the front lawn, with part of her face detached.  The murder took place in Dearborn Heights, a suburb of Detroit.

After a couple of weeks of the local authorities dragging their feet, Wafer was finally arrested for murder on Nov. 15th. Wafer initially claimed that the gun had "discharged" by accident. He later changed his story and claimed that he "feared for his life", even though he had shot the young woman through a locked screen door. In another RARE case, White Male Privilege (WMP) did not have the typical outcome. On August 17th 2014, Ted Wafer, 55, was FOUND GUILTY of second degree in the killing of Renisha McBride! That was the last word on this case, until Wafer's sentencing. That came on September 3rd, when Wafer was sentenced to 15 - 30 years in prison. So, that's it for him!      



Even though no one was killed or even injured in this particular case, it is certainly one of the most disturbing and infuriating accounts of pure, criminal injustice ever covered by TC

On August 1st 2010, Marissa Alexander had been involved in a violent altercation with her estranged husband Rico Gray. At the time Alexander, who was 31 then, had just given birth prematurely to her youngest of three children. Gray attacked, strangled, and threatened to murder Alexander inside their Jacksonville, FL home. At least one of her children was present during this severe act of domestic violence. Alexander attempted to escape through the garage, but could not get the garage door to open. Since her very life was in danger, Alexander retrieved her permitted handgun from her vehicle. She then re-entered the house where Gray confronted her once again. Alexander fired ONE warning shot past her attacker. The bullet ricocheted off a wall and lodged in the ceiling. NO ONE was harmed. 

Note: Gray assaulting and threatening the life of his estranged wife aren't just accusations coming from Alexander. Gray himself has corroborated his own actions on that day, as well as threatening to have her killed, during sworn deposition. Not only that, but Gray has also admitted to beating up other women whom he'd been involved with in the past. Not only that, but some of these women have offered their own sworn testimony of having been abused by Gray. Not only THAT, but Alexander's son had testified on his mother's behalf in court (during her first trial) that Gray was violent and abusive. 

Despite this well justified act of self defense in which no one was hurt, in which the person in question truly did STAND HER GROUND, Alexander was arrested. She was later "offered" a plea deal to do just "a few years" in prison. For the mother of three who had no criminal record, who rightfully defended herself against a violent lunatic whom later admitted to threatening her life, who used a gun which had been legally registered to her, such a "deal" from prosecutors was unacceptable and offensive! Alexander and her lawyers went to trial instead. 

In May 2012, Alexander was found guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The verdict was handed down in 12 minutes, by an all-White jury. Thanks to Florida's 10-20-Life law, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison, despite the fact that Alexander has no prior criminal record and never harmed anyone. Her case drew massive international attention, as well as many comparisons to the infamous murder trial of George Zimmerman POS. This was due largely to the outrageous, bizarro-world levels of injustice in each case. But also largely, perhaps mostly, because Alexander's and Zimmerman's trails both had the same prosecutor - Angela Corey, first covered HERE in this blog. 

Naturally, citizens were enraged by what had been one of the worse abortions of justice there had ever been in FL. But before Jacksonville could be burned to the ground, and appellate court reversed the verdict on September 23rd 2013, stating that the the jury instructions were improper and that the 'burden of proof' had been impossibly shifted from the prosecution to the defense. A new trial had been ordered and Alexander was released on bail on November 27th 2013. 

Alexander's second trial had been scheduled for July 2014, at least that was the case when TC did a follow-up HERE back in March of this year. But instead of 20 years, she now faces 60 years if convicted. Fucking racist, evil Republican cunt Angela Corey is once again persecuting the case. It now appears that trial has been delayed or re-scheduled. In July this year, Alexander had been denied a hearing to seek prosecution immunity based upon FL's much maligned Stand Your Ground law. Beyond that, there seems to be little other news on this, as of now. Of course, this blog's author will be right on top of any new revelations, regarding a trial underway, as well as an outcome...

Stay strong, sista!: Alexander seen here, flanked by her attorneys Bruce Zimet (left) and Faith Gay (right). 
Defense co-counsel Bruce Zimet, left, and Faith Gay, right, stand with Marissa Alexander as they speak to the media, June 10, 2014 in Jacksonville, Fla.



When has this revolting piece-of-shit not been in the news? In lieu of regular employment, one of the worst human beings on Earth has managed to cultivate quite the "celebrity" status for himself. He's been selling his shitty artwork online, terrorizing ex-girlfriends, posing as a "security guard" for a motorcycle and gun shop, which the owner vehemently denies. Frankly, he really does not deserve the attention. However, it does well to keep tabs up on him, since some things just might be relevant. As has been mentioned before, Zimmerman isn't nearly good enough for martyrdom. May he be cursed and tormented until his very last days. He deserves far worse! 

On Sept. 9th 2014, the murderer of Trayvon Martin was involved in a road rage incident in Lake Mary, FL in which he [once again] threatened someone's life. The street altercation involved Zimmerman proclaiming to the motorist Matthew Apperson, "Do you know who I am", right before threatening to shoot Apperson dead. Apperson pulled into a near by gas station and called police, but by the time they bothered showing up Zimmerman was gone. 

But that's not all. In addition to his violent outbursts, often involving guns or threatening the use of guns, Zimmerman is also infamously known for his stalking behavior. Such was proven once again when Zimmerman showed up at Apperson's place of work two days after the road rage incident. Apperson called 911 for a second time and cops pulled Zimmerman over a few blocks away. Once again, as in prior violent and creepy altercations, police questioned the infamous child murderer - but declined to arrest him. 

Also, Zimmerman had been the target of a civil rights probe by the DOJ's Civil Rights division for the past two years. However, as that investigations reaches its conclusion, it's been reported that the cowardly thug will not be facing any federal civil rights charges. So he's off the hook for that, as well. 



As first covered HERE by this blog, American folk hero Eric Matthew Frein has continued to skillfully elude police capture! Frein, a trained marksman and war reenactment enthusiast, is the sole suspect in a sniper ambush on a police/trooper barracks in rural PA, which left one cop dead and another seriously wounded. The alleged ambush took place on September 12th 2014. Frein, a self-taught survivalist, was reported to have retreated to the backwoods after the alleged attack, where authoritarians from all manner of jurisdictions local/state/federal have concentrated their search efforts. But in addition to Frein's survival skills, the heavily forested terrain has made attempts to apprehend the alleged cop-killer... difficult, to say the least.

Latest significant news regarding the search effort is that scared-ass cops have reportedly found a hand-written note which is said to have been left by Frein. Ok. Meanwhile, righteous support for Frein has continued to increase, as an out-of-control manhunt dredges on, and people's civil rights continue to get trampled upon. As more and more people wake up, they will begin to see police for the absolute monsters they truly are. 



Targeting Cops first picked up on a Willamette Week article regarding Dave's Killer Bread founder Dave Dahl, after he snapped and made Washington County cops earn their paychecks last November. TC first covered it HERE, after the epic incident. Gone over were not only Dahl's alleged crimes at that time, but the life he had lead prior.

Seen better days: Dahl during an early court proceeding, shortly after his arrest last winter. 

After a life of crime-for-survival, drug dealing, and drug addiction, Dave Dahl had ended up in prison. Upon being released, Dahl turned his life around, abandoned drugs, and started his company Dave's Killer Bread, utilizing skills he had honed while growing up in his family's bread-making business. DKB was founded in 2005 and is based in Milwaukee, OR. On November 14th 2013, Dahl seemingly had a mental breakdown and lead Washington co. cops on a high-speed chase, wrecking two patrol cars and causing superficial injuries to several sheriff's deputies, from which they all had swiftly recovered. Good for them.'s_Killer_Bread

At that time, there was wild speculation as to what caused the local icon to flip. Many openly wondered if Dahl had tragically relapsed. Well after nearly a year, there appears to be some resolution to the case. Dahl recently had a trial date delayed, but apparently he and his lawyers are hammering out a deal which would allow the reformed bread-maker to plead guilty except from insanity. In return, Dahl will likely avoid any jail time - obviously a positive step. The plea deal probably has much to do with the fact that Dahl had been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Dahl's lawyers had for months argued that their client's actions last Nov. were the result of a severe manic episode.

 Dahl has come a long way. Here's hoping he receives the proper mental health treatment gets back on top of his game. Unfortunately, his company has since seen fit to throw Dahl under the bus, and this is almost certainly due to DKB's corporate New York-based investors. So, when Dahl eventually gets his shit back together, he's got some serious housecleaning to do! 



The murder of Jonathan Ferrell had first been covered HERE last November. On September 14th 2013, Ferrell was heading home in Charlotte, NC when his lost control of his car and crashed. Having suffered only minor injuries, the former FAMU college football player managed to escape the wrecked vehicle. Disoriented, Ferrell walked along a dark suburban road that late night when he came across a residential home. In need of medical help, Ferrell knocked on the front door. The racist cunt who was home at the time, Sarah McCartney, instead called 911 - telling dispatchers that a "huge Black guy was trying to break in". When [now former] officer Randall Kerrick arrived on the scene, he gunned Ferrell down without a second thought. With no chance to even respond, Ferrell had been shot ten times - gross overkill. He had recently moved to Charlotte from FL to be with his fiance Cache Heidel. Ferrell had been attending school in Charlotte in order to become an engineer. 

Black extermination: Racist, trigger-happy cop thug Kerrick left, Ferrell right.

In a rare act of justice which still seems hard to believe, racist pig Kerrick was actually fired after murdering Ferrell - not given paid vacation! The peckerwood ex-cop has also indicted back in January this year on criminal charges. 

What's happened since then is that in addition to an upcoming criminal trial, former officer Kerrick is also currently facing a civil lawsuit filed by Ferrell's family. The suit was filed in January and it also names the city of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police chief Rodney Monroe, as well. Also, on Sept. 14th 2014, the one-year anniversary of Ferrell's murder, Heidel visited the site where her fiance was killed. 

Latest news is that Charlotte has ceased footing the bill for Kerrick's legal defense... GOOD! Charlotte's city manager actually had made the decision to stop covering Kerrick's sorry ass in mid-Aug. - but news of this was only made known last month. No word yet as to WHY the city would even choose to pay the legal defense for an [already fired] cop, almost a year after said cop shot and killed an unarmed civilian seeking help after a car crash.

Now on his own financially and shit out of luck, disgraced cop Kerrick currently faces felony charges of voluntary manslaughter. Perhaps he can launch a kickstarter campaign, so that racist dipshits can donate their pennies to his cause... Good luck. No trial date has been set.

Ferrell seen here in college graduation photos. His mother Georgia Ferrell, centered. 



This case of the theater "text" shooting out of Florida was first covered HERE back in January of this year. Old man maniac cop Curtis Reeves Jr. gunned down a defenseless man inside a  movie theater in Wesley Chapel, FL on Jan. 13th 2014. Chad Oulson had been texting his young daughter's baby sitter during the PREVIEWS before a screening of 'Lone Survivor'. Reeves, a 72 year old retired police capo at that time, became soo infuriated by this, that he decided to picked a fight with Oulson. When Oulson stood his rightful ground and refused to be bullied, Reeves pulled out a concealed handgun - which the premises strictly prohibits - and fired several bullets at Oulson, murdering him and injuring his wife Nicole Oulson. Reeves was arrested shortly after this sickening act of violence. 

An update on this story was followed up on HERE back in June, with some revealing details. Including the [then] newly discovered fact that Reeves himself had been texting his son, just minutes prior to murdering a fellow moviegoer... over texting. 

It cannot be overstated that all this drama and bloodshed had taken place before the goddamned movie had even started. 

A trial date has been tentatively set for March 2015, delays notwithstanding. No specific date yet, but apparently a window of between the 2nd and the 30th of March 2015 has been applied by a local judge. Psycho cop Reeves was released from jail back in July, after a $150K bail had been granted. He has been on house arrest ever since.  Any available updates on this case will be posted as soon as they are known.  



TC first reported on a UT cop who slaughtered his entire family before suiciding himself, seemingly without reason, HERE back in January 2014. At that time there wasn't much information to go on. Now, more is known. 

On January 16th 2014, officer Joshua Boren of the Lindon, UT Police Gestapo murdered his wife Kelly Boren, their two young children, as well as his mother-in-law, right before blowing his own sorry head off with his service weapon. Little reason for this sick pig's motives were given at that time. Since then, what has been revealed is that the 34 year old Boren had held some dark secrets, a depraved sex addiction for one. It has also since been revealed that Boren had been drugging his wife Kelly, and sexually abusing her while she was unconscious. 

After the multiple murders/suicide, an investigation had been launched, lasting for months. It had concluded in July and only then were more details made known to the public. Including the fact that Boren had been raping his wife, drugging her, sexually abusing her while she was knocked out, and videotaped his sick sexual crimes. It actually turns out that Joshua had been drugging and raping his wife repeated over a two-year span, sick POS. At some point, Kelly Boren had discovered video tapes of her husband - in the act of raping her unconscious body.  Kelly had already wanted to divorce him by this time. The seven-month investigation also showed that the night before the gruesome multiple murder/suicide, Kelly and Joshua had exchanged a series of anger texts. In one text, Kelly confronted Joshua about sexual abuse. In another text, she threatened to move out and take the children with her. That night, the two basically agreed that their eight-year marriage was over... unfortunately, Kelly had no idea just how over it was.

Acts of a monster: horrendous pig-beast Boren pictured with his wife Kelly age 32, and their two children Jaden age 7, and Hayley age 5. This family photo masked some dark and twisted secrets.  Shortly before her death, Kelly Boren told her husband she would take the kids, prompting Joshua Boren to reply by text: 'Don't involve the kids, they are innocent'

Marie King age 55, Boren's mother-in-law. After murdering his wife and children, Boren shot King as well, before turning his police-issued service weapon upon himself.
 We haven't even thought how we'll move forward': Tearful relatives pay respects to 'amazing, wonderful' family killed by police officer dad in quadruple murder suicide
Framed pictures of Kelly Boren, 32, her children, Jaden and Haley, and her mother, Marie King, 55, lined a Layton, Utah, church Wednesday
The building was filled with people mourning the lives tragically cut short
Police say the four were murdered last Thursday by Kelly Boren's police officer husband, Josh Boren, 34, who then turned the gun on himself
Tears flowed during the emotional service, in which Jaden, 7, was remembered for his boisterous energy and loving hugs, and his sister Haley, 5, was remembered for being a girly girl
A funeral service for Josh Boren was scheduled for today in Spanish Fork
PUBLISHED: 16:38 EST, 23 January 2014 | UPDATED: 17:40 EST, 23 January 2014
   1 View 
Family and friends have paid their final respects to a Utah woman, her two children and her mother, les
Kelly Boren was a British national from Northampton, England. She had made the fatal mistake of moving to the U.S. to be with her deranged husband and raise their children. Her mother Marie joined her. 

Other details of the investigation reveal:

 - That Joshua had drugged and raped his wife as late as December 2013 - less than a month before he would slaughter his entire family.

- That Joshua had been seeing a therapist for his sexual addictions since Fall of last year.

- He hated sex offenders, yet at the same time fantasized about drugging and raping his wife. And that he also wished to abuse other women in the same manner.

- Word was starting to get out (amongst the small community, and fellow cops) about Joshua's perverted acts, and he feared he was about to be arrested and lose his career in law enforcement. 

- Joshua himself had apparently been molested as a boy, and this had lead to some serious mommy issues (among many other things).

- His own father had committed suicide when Joshua was just five years old.

- After his father's suicide, Joshua's mother began whoring. One of her johns or "clients" was alleged to have molested Joshua as a small child. 

- Google searches for "America's most brutal killers" and "narcissism" were made by Joshua shortly after he completed [what would be] his final shift for the police regime.

- The couple had already been legally separated at the time. Joshua was in the house alone, while his four victims were on Christmas vacation at Disneyland. When they returned, his shot them. Their bodies were discovered after Joshua had failed to show up for his shift duty the following night. 

The murders had taken place in the family's home in Spanish Fork, UT, 50 miles south of Salt Lake City. The tiny city of Lindon is located nearby. Joshua had been employed by the Lindon police regime there.


An update on the police murders of John Crawford, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and other cases covered by Targeting Cops since this past Summer will be forth-coming within the next couple of weeks. 


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Massive Manhunt in PA for Alleged Cop-Killer

A massive manhunt is underway for an alleged cop-killer in PA. The suspect in question has been identified as Eric Matthew Frein, a self-proclaimed 'survivalist', bent on waging war against low-down, dirty, unjust cops. 

Mass/corporate media descriptions of Frein are of course wildly and predictably sensationalistic. However, if even partially true, then Eric Frein is no doubt our next Christopher Dorner

On September 12th 2014 a suspect ambushed two cops in rural Pennsylvania, killing one and seriously injuring the other. That suspect, later identified as 31 year old Eric Frein, was reported to have possessed advanced survivalist and marksmanship skills. Frein is also reportedly a war 're-enactor' who took part in an upcoming documentary titled 'Vietnam Appreciation Day'. The two police thugs allegedly targeted by Frein have been identified as PA state police terrorist Corporal Bryon C. Dickson II (DEAD) and PA state Trooper terrorist Alex Douglas (INJURED). The alleged attack occurred during a shift change at a barracks unit of the PA state police, which is located in the Pocono Mountains. The rural, wooded area lies within Pike County, near the township of Blooming Grove, PA. A .308 caliber sniper rifle was said to have been used in the alleged attack.

Officers down: The two police thugs suspect Eric Frein is alleged to have shot during an ambush on a trooper barracks in rural PA, Sept. 12th. Frein has since been added to the FBI's "most wanted" list, as the fugitive/patriot has so far eluded capture.

Sleepy no more: The normally quiet village of Blooming Grove Township, currently under siege due to massive police manhunt for Eric Frein. Even though there was never any indication that the fugitive ever posed a danger to the general public.

Since that barracks ambush on Sept. 12th, there has been an extremely intense "manhunt" underway for the self-styled survivalist. And Blooming Grove Township's 4800+ residents have felt the full iron grip of despotic, authoritarian thuggery as the entirety of region was conscripted into a Police Militarized Occupied Zone (PMOZ). Coming as absolutely no surprise, citizen's Civil rights have ended up being completely disregarded by police terrorists and the many agencies with which they are affiliated. For recent chilling historical examples of hyper-militarized police state-violence and DHS-ordered martial law having been employed against innocent citizens in pursuit of a single criminal suspect, see: Boston Bombing

Frein has also been placed on the FBI's so-called "ten most wanted" list, with a bounty of up to $175K being offered for his head. And much as was the case for Chris Dorner and (Boston Bombing suspect) Dzhokhar Anzorovich "Jahar" Tsarnaev, the so-called "manhunt" for Eric Frein has commanded the full force of every so-called law enforcement agency - local, state, as well as federal - there is. Blooming Grove Township is also being subsected to the sight of something that must be new for them - a sight that is already very familiar to citizens in other U.S. cities, including Oakland, Boston, Ferguson, etc. ... militarized, police "siege" vehicles rolling down their streets. Residents of the area have also been under siege as police gestapo impose curfews, set up roadblocks, cordon off entire streets, etc. Such draconian police actions have prevented locals from leaving or returning to their homes, causing many to lose work and even forcing some to sleep in their cars.  However, as off the publishing of this blog entry, Frein has thus far managed to evade police capture. 

Funny how it is, whenever a COP murders someone, they don't end up on on any wanted posters...

And speaking of "terrorist" events, militarized super-cops, and DHS war powers being turned against American citizens in a post-IXXI world paradigm, a number of conspiracies regarding alleged cop-killer Frein have called his alleged crimes into question. Many people even openly speculated that the Sept. 12th ambush may have been a staged event. Others point to an alleged cheating affair between Frein's sister-in-law, and the injured cop Alex Douglass, suggesting that this might be a possible motive for Frein's actions, as oppose to an overall vendetta against cops in general. 

So far, such allegations have not yet been substantiated, and obviously local authorities have strongly denied any such connections between officer Douglass and the alleged perpetrator's family. What is known however, is that Frein and Douglass did know each other, and that Douglass does infact live less than half a mile from the family of Eric's brother - Michael Frein and his wife Melissa Frein

Michael Frein, brother of alleged cop-killer Eric seen here. Frein lives with his wife Melissa within half a mile of cop thug Alex Douglass, who was shot in the pelvis on Sept. 12th. M. Frein had initially been arrested himself, but was shortly released without charge. 
Taken: A neighbor said SWAT teams descended on the home of Michael Frein, Eric Frein's brother, after the shootings and took him away in handcuffs. He was later released. 

Running scared: Militarized police gestapo conducting door-to-door searches, invading the homes of private residents and pointing M16 assault rifles at them. So much for the Fourth Amendment. 
Hunt: Police and U.S. Marshals clear homes in the search for Eric Frein in Canadensis on Wednesday

Summon the ROOK!: This six-ton, tank-tracked, $245K armored anti-personnel vehicle has been employed in the search for Frein.
Awesome: The Rook, above, was seen being delivered yesterday to authorities on the 11th day of the manhunt

A heavily armed cop stands at someone's driveway, pointing his assault weapon at the residence, invoking terror. 
Protection: An armored truck at the perimeter of the search area. Much of the area has been on lockdown with some residents being unable to return to their homes during the manhunt

Fully militarized state-police gestapo set up an unannounced road block, preventing residents from both leaving and returning to their homes.
Tense: Police keep watch at the edge of a perimeter set up in a residential neighborhood in Canadensis

The fanatical police response to Frein is especially telling, considering that the he actually poses no threat to civilians. The fact is, an individual such as Frein, with his advanced weapons training and marksmanship skills, could so very easily have cultivated an impressive bloodbath. Desperate people who were much less skilled have done much worse. So again, as in the case of Chris Dorner, the police response has been insanely, wildly disproportionate to the target. This, despite the fact that civilians have never actually been under any threat from the suspect at large. 

The more shit like this happens, the more people will WAKE UP and recognize the Police-State for what it actually is! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Racist Grand Jury FAILS to Return Indictment for Crawford Killers!

Well... can't say I'm surprised, but this is still some outrageous shit nonetheless! More than a month after John Crawford's murder, video footage from the Walmart store where he was killed has finally been released... but only after a grand jury failed/refused to indict the two bastard-ass cops responsible for his death. BEYOND FUCKED UP!

Brief recap: as first covered here on Targeting Cops, on Tuesday August 5th 2014, John Crawford III was shopping in a Walmart store in Beavercreek, OH. At some point, Crawford had picked an airsoft pellet gun off the self in the TOY SECTION of the store. An obese, racist, neck-bearded piece-of-shit later identified as Ronald Ritchie had spotted Crawford from a distance, felt "threatened", and called 911. Ritchie tattled to 911 dispatchers that Crawford had been:

> waving around an assault weapon
> loading bullets into this weapon
> pointing the weapon at children
> moving items around on the shelves with the muzzle of this so-called "weapon"

ALL of these claims by Ritchie were later revealed to have been outright LIES! Not only that, but Ritchie himself was forced to admit he LIED after he and his attorney were allowed to watch parts of the surveillance video, early on in this case. 

This is the lying coward that called the police because he was so terrified of#JohnCrawford He originally stated that Mr. Crawford was pointing the gun at customers and terrorizing them. He later admitted that his story wasn't true.#RonaldRitchie along with being a complete #PieceOfShit he's also the#WorstPersonInTheWorld How does a person like this sleep at night? You're so terrified of a Black man casually walking away from you that you call the cops and fabricate a story to ensure your "safety"? I question his manhood. No man is supposed to be that easily shaken up. #JusticeForJohnCrawford

Within two minutes of Ritchie's FALSE 911 call, gang members from the Beavercreek Police Gestapo (BPG) were on sight. They spotted Crawford, and within seconds blew him away in a hail of gunfire. Crawford had virtually no time to react. His back was turned to cops when they approached and he was executed on immediately. Crawford had been on the phone with his girlfriend and mother of his two children, LeeCee Johnson, at the moment he was ruthlessly gunned down. The two pigs directly responsible for Crawford's death are officers Sean Williams and David Darkow - gang members of the Beavercreek Terrorist Police regime. It was later determined that the kill-shot came from William's service weapon. They continued shooting Crawford's body, even after he was lying on the ground, not moving and bleeding to death, with the bb/pellet gun several feet away from him. 

Crawford's only response, while still on the phone, was "It's not real!". The very next second he was shot to death. While still talking to Crawford, Johnson had placed her cell phone on speaker-mode then handed it to his father. John Crawford II was the very last person to hear his son's final breaths.

NO justice: Officers Darkow and Williams seen here, the two armed thugs who responded to a false 911 call by lying sack-of-shit Ronald Ritchie. An all-White grand jury has since declined to indict either of these pigs on charges of criminal murder.

Crawford was not the only person killed that day. Angela D. Williams was standing with her two young children just feet away from the cop's initial target. In the panic and chaos that ensued following the two police thugs opening fire, Williams attempted to shield her children and flee. The 37 year old was preparing for her wedding, set for that following Saturday. As she flee for her life, Williams suffered a heart attack. She died at an area hospital later that night.

LeeCee Johnson, Crawford's girlfriend and mother to his two children. Johnson had been on the phone with Crawford just moments before he was gunned down by police thugs on Aug. 5th.

Happier times: John Crawford seen here, with his mother Tressa Sherrod.
John Crawford with his mother, Tressa Sherrod.  

Citizens stand on a street corner protesting the murder of yet another innocent men, while demanding justice be brought to his killers.

On Wednesday Sept. 24th, a Greene County Grand Jury (which was most certainly all White) refused to bring criminal charges against officer pig Sean Williams (apparently, charges against officer pig David Darkow were never even considered). Only a few hours later, did OH District Attorney Mike DeWine decide to release surveillance footage of Crawford's murder. The Walmart store where the police murders had taken place handed over the video to state authorities early on. It has been in the possession of D.A. DeWine and the OH Bureau of Criminal Investigation (a division of the D.A.'s office) ever since. 

DeWine had allowed but a few people (parties involved and lawyers) to view the video. But despite demands from Crawford's family and the public to release it overall, DeWine had been stalling to do just that for weeks. Only after Wednesday's Grand jury decision not to indict, did DeWine finally make the video public.

This mangy son-of-a-bitch will never admit it, but the reason why OH D.A. Mike DeWine and his office had refused to release the video all this time was because it was soo damning (contradicting both police statements and Ritchie's 911 claims) that they feared it would prejudice the public and all potential jurors early on... in the victim's favor. Keep in mind, we're talking about a former Ohio senator (R-OH) who also happens to be a filthy, repulsive Roman Catholic. A typical, right-wing Nazi piece-of-shit through and through! So, what else could one have expected (besides justice)? 

Racist Catholic Prick: Ohio D.A. Mike DeWine seen here. He refused to make video surveillance of Crawford's murder public until after his [all-white] Grand jury declined to bring criminal charges against officer Sean Williams.

Ohio is an 'Open/Carry' state. This means that Whites have the right to walk around most public places brandishing actual real guns - including military-style assault rifles. However, a young Black man with no criminal history simply picks a TOY bb-gun off the shelf of a local store, and he is gunned down within minutes. It is almost as if there were different sets of laws for different people in this miserable country...

The two police thugs who took part in the murders of John Crawford and Angela Williams continue to enjoy their paid vacation, as of the publishing of this blog entry. We now know that these two criminal sons-of-bitches will never be brought to justice for their crimes. They most likely won't even lose their sorry-ass jobs and will remain a serious terrorist threat/danger to the public for years to come. It's possible that officers Williams and Darkow will face Civil suits from Crawford's family at least, but even then that will be something for the city of Beavercreek, Greene County, and the taxpayers of Ohio to have to deal with. In the wake of the Grand jury's decision, the Dept. of Justice has announced that they are now investigating the circumstances that lead to Crawford's death. That's nice, but let's be goddamned honest here - these "independent" investigations by federal jurisdictions always lead to the same outcomes: symbolic policy changes and NO punishment for wrong-doers! 

Ronald Ritchie - the "man" most responsible for this clusterfuck tragedy - his ass is in for a world of grief right now, which hopefully will last him the rest of his worthless life as well as his afterlife. This coward is most certainly in hiding, as well he should be. Hiding out like George Zimmerman #georgezimmermanisapieceofshit, but with NO protections and NO crowd-funded welfare handouts from racist supporters, either. Ritchie is shit out of luck, but even his fat lard ass alone cannot adequately provide the pounds of flesh required to satisfy justice here. Much of that would also have to be cut from the backs of the two terrorist cops who murdered an innocent man, and caused the untimely death of an innocent woman. We now know that will never happen. 

This world is fit for another cleansing, nothing less will do...   

R.I.P. brother. In this life or the next, you shall be avenged...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

CameraMan Killed By Cop While Filming 'COPS' Show - WTF!?

You could not make this shit up... no one could. A cameraman was "accidentally" shot and killed by police during filming of the television show 'COPS'. 

Bad cops, bad cops...: Bryce Dion seen here. He was a cameraman for the show COPS. Dion was killed by cops while filming an episode.
Bryce Dion, 38, a sound engineer from California, was killed in Omaha after a shooting broke out while he was filming reality TV show Cops

Bryce Dion was gunned down by out of control cops on August 26th 2014 in Omaha, NE. Dion was a cameraman/sound engineer for COPS - one of the tackiest television programs there ever was. The show was in the midst of taping an episode when a robbery had become underway at a Wendy's fast food restaurant in Omaha. Dion, 38 at the time of his death, had been a technician with the so-called "reality" TV show for seven seasons.  Apparently, Dion had been the first employee killed - by anyone - during the show's 25-year history.  The show, which first began in 1989 on FOX, now airs on the 'Spike TV' network. Dispite the fact the cameraman was wearing a ballistics vest, an officer's bullet had entered just under Dion's arm where his was unprotected.

The bloodshed began when police terrorists had attempted to apprehend a man identified as 32 year old Cortez Washington, an alleged robbery suspect at the fast food eatery. Washington was also killed by cops during the one-sided gunfight. Washington had been armed with nothing more than an airsoft pellet gun. This marks the second time in as many months that a Black man has been gunned down by pigs over a child's toy - except in case out of Omaha, the alleged perpetrator may have actually used the toy gun in the commission of an actual crime. That said, it is outrageous that anyone would die in the event of a common robbery. And only when terrorist police thugs show up with their REAL weapons and their cameras, did this turn into a bloodbath!
Two more victims of police ultra-violence. Considering the number of bullets fired - all from police - it is a miracle from the gods that no other innocent people were killed.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/article-cops16-0827.jpg

Violent shooting spree: Bullet holes left in a window at the Wendy's where bloodthirsty cops went on a rampage, leaving two people dead.

During a rather embarrassing press conference, Omaha Gestapo Police Chief Todd Schmaderer claimed that his officers had mistaken Washington's pellet toy gun for a real one. He also claimed that responding officers "saw a muzzle flash", even though pellet guns are not at all known to give off any sort of "muzzle flash"... let alone one that could resemble the flash from an actual gun discharge. Schmaderer also dismissed accusations that Omaha police were acting recklessly and "showing off" for the cameras. Of course, this would be his official position, as it would have to be. However, that two people would lay in pools of their own blood in the aftermath of a robbery in which the only weapons present belonged to police, indicates otherwise. Chief Schmaderer has, rather insultingly, refereed to the killings as "friendly fire".       

Chief Buzzcut: Omaha police chief Todd Schmaderer seen here. Since the cops involved in Aug. 26th COPS show killings have not been identified, this chief's stern mug will have to do.  
Omaha  Police Chief Todd Schmaderer pauses during a news conference at police headquarters in Omaha, Neb., Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014, with Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert, left. Bryce Dion, a sound technician with the ¿Cops¿ television show who was embedded with Omaha police, was killed on Tuesday during an armed robbery at a Wendy's fast-food restaurant. The armed robber was shot and died as well. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Even though a memorial fund has been set up in Dion's honor, in remains to be seen whether the Omaha Police Gestapo (OPG) will adequately compensate his family. This most likely will not ever happen. Cortez Washington's family has since grieved over the tragic and violent loss of a son, a brother, and a cousin. To date, none of the police thugs responsible for the murders of these two men have been publicly named. And it is unlikely that any charges will ever be filed against individual officers, even though the lives of other innocent civilians had been placed in unacceptably great harm, due the the militarized and insane actions of the Omaha Terrorist Police Gestapo. Not only this, but the Wendy's restaurant where this police massacre had taken place was forced to shut for several days. This cost its workers days in lost wages which will not be gotten back. The OPG nor the city of Omaha will probably not reimburse these workers for wages lost. And never even mind grief counseling for anyone who bore witness to these police murders and may very well be suffering from trauma as a result. 

Of course... whenever a cop kills someone - whomever that person may be, for whatever reason - that fucking cop will usually receive automatic paid vacation. Few, if any questions asked!  Bad cops, bad cops...