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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Police Murders of Ezell Ford and John Crawford

The Amerikkkan summer of 2014 has been rife with the racist cop murders of several innocent Black men, along with the extreme tensions which followed those murders. Clearly the murder of Eric Garner (murdered July 17th) and most especially of Michael Brown (murdered Aug. 9th) have garnered massive national and world-wide media attention, as well they should have. 

However, there are two other egregious cases which took place this summer that have not had the same level of coverage. But their murders are still very much all the horrific.

Ezell Ford was ruthlessly gunned down on August 11th 2014 in South Los Angeles, CA. According to his family, 25 year-old Ford had been diagnosed as having had schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He possibly was going through a mental crisis at the time of his death. He was never accused of a crime. He was unarmed and non-threatening. The victim is survived by his parents Tritobia and Edsell Ford, both 42. As in other police murders, accounts of how/why Ford was killed range widely between the L.A. police regime and civilian witnesses. Initial police reports have released propaganda claiming that officers attempted a stop on Ford, when a "struggle" ensued, Ford tried to grab one of the officer's gun from his holster, and Ford was shot in self-defense. However,   according to witnesses Ezell was lying on the ground and in no way was he resisting nor was he in any physical contact with the two bastard-ass cops when they shot him three times in the back.

The two pigs who murdered Ford have been identified as officers Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas of the Los Angeles Police Gestapo (LAPG). Wampler and Villegas were both assigned to a so-called "gang task force" division when the murdered Ford. The killers names had been withheld for more than two weeks following Ford's murder. The LAPG finally released their names on Thursday Aug. 28th, and only after widespread community outrage over the senseless murder of yet another unarmed, innocent man. Wampler and Villegas are (respectively) 12 and 8-year gang members of the LA police regime.

Justice for Ezell Ford: fed up with police murders, citizens march in downtown L.A., protesting Ford's murder by two L.A. cop thugs.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/lapd-shooting-protest.jpg

Another parent mourns: Ford's mother Tritobia Ford rendered inconsolable upon hearing the news of her son's murder by L.A. police monsters.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/lapd14n-2-web.jpg

Ford's mother Tritobia being comforted by family during her son's funeral, held on Sat. Aug. 30th.

A young relative mourns at Ezell Ford's funeral. Could HE be next???

Ezell Ford's funeral was held on Saturday Aug. 30th in SouthWest L.A. and was attended by hundreds of mourners. They were there to pay a final farewell to a young man who had been described by friends and family as a 'free spirit' who had caused harm to no one, even as he struggled with mental illness his entire life. Officers Wampler and Villegas are currently on PAID VACATION, as the investigation into Ford's death continues...

Meanwhile, a homemade Rap video in tribute to Ford and all those lost to police terrorism has turned up on YouTube. Predictably, the L.A. terrorist police regime has made hyperbolic bullshit claims that said video "threatens" police officers. As obscene a LIE as could ever have been told by a terrorist police regime gestapo!!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/index_635_390/lapd-alert-rapper-appears-threaten-revenge-ezell-ford-death-youtube-video.jpg


On Tuesday August 5th 2014 John Crawford III was gunned down by cops inside a Walmart store in Beavercreek, OH, close to Dayton. Crawford was leaning on the butt of an airsoft pellet gun in the toy section of the store, while on the cellphone with his girlfriend. He was intending to purchase the toy. Crawford had his back turned to cops before they shot him on site, without so much as a goddamned warning. He died en route to the hospital from several gunshot wounds. He was shot in the back. He was 22 years old and had two young children. Crawford was killed within seconds of bastard-ass cops arriving on the scene - despite the fact that Ohio is an open carry state!  

The coward-ass police thugs who murdered Crawford have been identified as Sergeant David Darkow and Officer Sean Williams, gang members of the Beavercreek Police Gestapo (BPG). 

 Sgt. David Darkow and Offc. Sean Williams, the pigs who gunned down John Crawford.
 Beavercreek Police Sgt. David Darkow was involved in the Aug. 5 shooting of John Crawford III.Beavercreek Police Officer Sean Williams was involved in the Aug. 5 shooting of John Crawford III.

A racist, scared, zealous cop-caller had phoned in to 911 dispatch and claimed that he saw what "appeared" to be a Black man holding what "looked like" an AK-47 assault weapon. Crawford was instead holding a Crosman MK-177 airsoft pellet gun or BB gun, which was still in its packaging as he was standing in the toy aisle. It is a toy replica of a rifle and is intended for a child. The toy guns are commonly sold in most department stores. The racist POS has since been identified as Ronald Ritchie

Ritchie, who was with his wife April Ritchie at the time, told 911 operators that Crawford was "loading bullets" into the supposed gun, "pointing" the gun at other shoppers and using the muzzle to "move" items around on the shelf. Cop thugs Darkow and Williams themselves claimed that Crawford had been "waving" the gun around in a "menacing" manner. However, upon viewing a video tape of the incident, fat bastard Ritchie then changed his story of what he told 911 operators back on Aug. 5th. Since Crawford's murder took place inside a huge big-box store, there would be dozens of cameras capturing the incident from several different angles. Neither "concerned citizen/Tea Party Patriot" Ritchie, nor the two Beavercreek pigs who murdered Crawford, seemed to realize this. Otherwise, video footage of Crawford's summary execution has not been yet released to the public. Citing reasons of not wanting to taint a potential jury pool, OH Attorney General Mike Dewine has allowed only a few people to view the video - including Ritchie, Crawford's family, and their subsequent lawyers.

Upon viewing the footage, Crawford family attorney Michael Wright issued a statement saying that Crawford's murder had been unjustified, and that he was doing nothing wrong. Meanwhile, on Aug. 19th local residents have held a silent protest demanding that video surveillance of the murder be publically released. 
Cop-calling SITCH: obese, neck-bearded, racist slob Ronald Ritchie seen here. He is the racist cop-caller who called 911 and LIED about Crawford having/loading an automatic assault weapon in a Walmart store. He has been directly implicated in Crawford's murder, fat piece-of-shit!
Ronald Ritchie

UPDATE: So this story just gets more and more ugly with each detail that comes out. It has since been revealed that Walmart cop-caller Ronald Ritchie not only changed his initial reasoning behind why he called 911, telling dispatchers that he saw Crawford with a weapon, but Ritchie has also admitted that he outright LIED! In fact, it turns out that the obese cop-caller is pretty much a habitual liar. He also lied about his previous ex-Marine status - apparently Ritchie at one point enlisted in the Marine Corps, but was expelled after just seven weeks after his enlistment was determined to have been 'fraudulent'. Ritchie claims it was due to "bad paperwork". Whatever. 

Also, during the chaos and panic that ensued resulting from cops blowing Crawford away in a hail of bullets, a 37 year old woman was said to have collapsed while running, suffering from a medical emergency. She later died of a heart attack at a local hospital. So far, the woman's name has not been released publicly. 

So, fatso cop-caller Ronald Ritchie is directly responsible for the deaths of TWO people. At the very most possible least, he has filed a false report and lied to police. As of the time of this blog entry being published, Ritchie has not faced any criminal charges, nor his wife April as an accessory to criminal acts. The two pigs who murdered Crawford - officers David Darkow and Sean Williams - have not been criminally charged nor indicted for murder. They both remain on paid vacation, pending some investigation into Crawford's death.   

Where do you load the bullets?!: this is the toy gun cops and White shoppers Ronald and April Ritchie "mistook" to have been a deadly assault weapon Crawford had when he was shot down without warning inside the toy aisle of a Beavercreek, OH Walmart store.

Open-carry for Whites. Open season for Blacks - a MASSIVE double standard! Why, it's almost as if Black people live under a completely different set of rules and laws in this country.

What we saw was an unjustified killing of John Crawford,” Mr. Wright told WHIO news after watching the footage. “Call it murder, call it manslaughter, call it whatever you want. It was the unjustified killing of this young man. It was unnecessary. It did not have to occur. And he was doing absolutely nothing wrong when engaged by Beavercreek police department.

LeeCee Johnson, the girlfriend of police murder victim John Crawford III, as well as mother to his two children. She was with Crawfords parents and on the phone with Crawford at the moment he was gunned down by cops. Crawford had his cell phone on speaker, so his parents as well as the mother of his children all heard him die.

The murders of Ezell Ford, John Crawford, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner all remain unresolved currently. Autopsies have been conducted, investigations are underway, grand juries are pending, parties involved have been lawyered up, protests are still on-going, and demands for justice and accountability remain strong. And since Black people live under a different set of rules and laws in this country, it will been a long time before outcomes in any of these cases are reached. 

Don't hold your breath...!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/usa-california-shooting.jpg

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Brown's Funeral And Deeper Problems in Ferguson

Michael Brown's funeral was held on Monday August 25th in St. Louis, MO. As expected, it was attended by thousands of mourners. Family, friends, mates from high school, and those who never know Brown but were there for solidarity crowded both inside and outside the church. Lawyers representing the Brown family, faith leaders, Civil Rights activists, and lots of press were also present. Even as they packed the Temple Mission Baptist church to pay their last respects and remember the life of Mike Brown, family/friends, maligned residents of Ferguson, and activists alike never forgot what they all were there for: JUSTICE

A mother's pain: Lesley McSpadden (center) paying last respects to her son Mike Brown - taken away from her by a filthy-ass pig-beast.454139942-lesley-mcspadden-arrives-at-friendly-temple-missionary

Indeed, the murder of Brown back on Aug. 9th has sparked both a local and nation-wide call for justice... justice against police terror, police abuse, police corruption, and the police murders of innocent people! Particularly, justice for the murders of unarmed People of Color at the hands of racist White cops and racist vigilantes. Citizens in Ferguson have been calling for such justice and accountability - not only for the slain Mike Brown but for victims of police terrorism everywhere. Likewise, humble and righteous people all over the country have been marching in solidarity with Ferguson and also demanding the same justice that has yet to be seen.

There has been this insane rash of police murders of innocent, unarmed Black people all over America over the past month or so. The July 17th chocking murder of Eric Garner by NYC pig-beasts was still fresh, mine you, and that case is still very much pending. Only weeks later, this lame-ass country would be rocked by news of yet another gestapo police murder in a modest working-class suburb of St. Louis called Ferguson. 

 From Staten Island to Ferguson: STOP RACIST POLICE MURDER!

The vile police reaction to Garner's murder (made known to all via a gruesome, trigger-inducing, high-def video which captured his torture/murder from beginning to end) has been both sickening and enraging. Even knowing how disgusting these police monsters can be, one could hardly fathom their reaction to Brown's murder. 

As if police pigs everywhere decided to close ranks, several police murders of Black men had taken place in the weeks surrounding Mike Brown's death, including Brown himself. In addition to Eric Garner in NYC and Mike Brown in Ferguson, there was:

- Ezell Ford - a mentally ill man murdered by gang members of the Los Angeles Police Gestapo (LAPG) on Aug. 11th. Ford had been reportedly laying on the ground in a surrendering posture as LA cops shot him repeatedly. He was never armed.

- John Crawford IIIgunned down by pigs in Beavercreek, OH (near Dayton) on Aug. 5th. Reports in that case have suggested that Crawford was leaning on the butt of a toy bi-bi gun, talking on a cell phone inside a Wal-Mart store before cops simply blew him away without second thought.
Black Genocide: just four Black men who were murdered by police terrorists over the course of a month.

Demands for justice and very long overdue cop accountability in Ferguson (and elsewhere)don't just stem from Brown's murder, but from decades of systemic authoritarian abuse in that city. The media program Democracy Now! has covered the Ferguson case with exceptional thoroughness and fairness, thus far.  DN has exposed issues regarding police thuggery, which have plagued Ferguson for a long time now. The progressive news program has also given attention to how not just dirty-ass cops, but the entire municipality of Ferguson/St. Louis Co. have preyed upon Black residents for decades. 

A Ferguson resident expresses his distress at the complete lack of justice for people like himself in this country.$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvPH4uH0rE6ENmnuTJPZXDQWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg

Promising future no-more: Michael "Big Mike" Brown on the day he graduated high school. He would be gunned down by officer Darren Wilson just a couple of months later.

As of current there is an uneasy calm (so to speak) in Ferguson, MO - following weeks of demonstrations by angry residents. And constant besiegement by hyper-militarized police terrorist units. And the police thug who murdered Mike Brown - officer Darren Wilson - remains on paid vacation. Decent people in Ferguson and beyond continue to demand the murderer be criminally charged and indicted. Meanwhile, piece-of-shit cop Wilson does enjoy some modest support - and not just from online trolls, but folks who've actually had the nerve to show their faces in public.

Sick humans: racist scum hold their own "counter-rally" in support of offc. Darren Wilson.

On Sunday Aug. 17th, a group of around 150 sacks of shit gathered in downtown St. Louis and held a planned klan rally in support of scared cop Darren Wilson (now believed to be in hiding). Predictably, the ignorant tea-party crowd was almost all White. When questioned by reporters, none would admit to being even the slightest bit racist, with is very typical of racists. As proof of this, they pointed to their very own token as an example. A self-loathing whore believed to be suffering from various issues was also part of the White crowd that day. He has been identified as 44 year old Martin Baker - the lone Black person/Tom present at the pro-police klan rally. Baker is former Republican congressional primary candidate and current loser.

TOM of the week: failed Republican political hack Martin Baker seen here. He looks exactly as you'd expect.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

UPDATE: McBride Killer Sued and Jonathan Ferrell

Theodore Wafer, the White racist coward who gunned down Renisha McBride in November 2013, was convicted of the young woman's murder in August 2014. Unless his White Male Privilege (WMP) bears him out in the last hour, some how, he faces spending the rest of his life behind bars - potentially. Now sad-sack Wafer has something else on his mind to think about: he is being sued by McBride's family!

In addition to life behind bars, Wafer now faces a $10 million wrongful death suit from McBride's family. Wafer had been found guilty of McBride's murder in a Detroit courtroom on Thursday August 7th. No doubt, that criminal conviction paved the way for this current lawsuit against him. And according to at least one of the jurors who convicted the miserable POS, no one in that jury room bought Wafer's bullshit "self-defense" excuse for a minute! 

And according to prosecutors in the case, Wafer had plenty of options that night such as: 

- Turn on a porch light, see who the fuck it was.
- Asked who it was (at least then he would've known it was a woman, that probably would've allowed him to chill a bit.
- Called the cops, if he soo thought hts was in danger (that still would've made him a racist POS, but at least shooting someone would've been off his hands).
- Retreated to his domicile and simply waited for McBride to have gone away (which is pretty much what Michigan's "Stand-Your-Ground" law specifies, which is why that defense did him no good).
- To be an asshole, he could've brandished the shotgun he had in front of her. Dick move, yes... but a young woman wouldn't have been killed that night and his ass wouldn't be facing life in prison.
- Or Wafer could simply have been a decent fucking human and HELPED HER! 

Well Wafer brought this all upon himself. So he can go to Hell! His sentencing had been scheduled for Aug. 25th. It has been pushed back to Sept. 3rd. Targeting Cops will publish one final transmission on the McBride case, once Wafer's sentence is known.


In other news regarding a porch shooting case which preceded Renisha McBride, the cop who murdered Jonathan Ferrell has been indicted in that man's murder - YES!

Targeting Cops first addressed the racist murder of Ferrell back in Sept last year. Brief recap: In the early morning hours of Saturday September 14th 2013, Ferrell was driving home in CharlotteNorth Carolina, when he lost control of his car, resulting in a serious crash. Ferrell survived, but his vehicle was wrecked. He escaped by having to kick out the back windshield. Ferrell wandered for about half a mile before he ended up knocking on the door of the first house he saw, desperate for help (he had been injured and most likely suffered a concussion). However the person who was in the house at the time, Sarah McCartney 33, turned out to be racist cunt So rather than HELPING a wounded crash victim, she called police. In need of help, Ferrell attempted to flag down police the moment he saw them. They instead shocked him with a taser. After that, [now ex]officer Randall Kerrick of the Charlotte Metropolitan Police - gunned him down without further thought. Even as Ferrell lied on the ground dead or dying, his body was handcuffed.   

Autopsy reports later showed that Ferrell, 24 at the time of his death, was shot 10 times - excessive overkill.

Killer cop Randall Kerrick left, and the man he murdered, Jonathan Ferrell right. 

In a rare act of justice, piggy Kerrick has actually been fired and charged in Ferrell's murder, beleive it or not. Since then, a grand jury had initially declined to indict the 27 year old killer cop. However, the attorney general resubmitted the indictment to a second grand jury who did indict him on charges of voluntary manslaughter. Kerrick also is facing a wrongful death suit from Ferrell's parents. 

Jon Ferrell was a former football player for Florida A&M University. He had moved from FL to N.C. in 2013 to be closer to his fiancee Cache Heidel. He was working two jobs in order to pay for his tuition. Ferrell was attending school in Charlotte and was hoping to work for BMW as an engineer.  

Ferrell pictured here with his fiancee Heidel. 

Georgia Ferrell (center), mother of Jonathan, along with Jon's brother Willie Ferrell (standing), and attorneys Charles Monnett (left) and Chris Chestnut (right). The Ferrell family and their lawyers filed a wrongful death suit against trigger-happy ex-cop Randall Kerrick in Jan. 2014.
Wrongful death: Ferrell's family filed a lawsuit two weeks ago. Attorney Charles Monnett (left) speaks, his as mother Georgia Ferrell (center), brother Willie Ferrell (standing) and attorney Chris Chestnut (right) look on during a news conference on January 14

Mrs. Lite Beer: Racist LYING cop-caller Sarah McCartney (right) and the man whose death she brought on, Jon Ferrell (left).

In May this year, a hold had been placed on the wrongful death suit. No trial date for Kerrick has yet been set, but his criminal case continues to proceed. More on this one later...
... and more on the on-going genocide against People of Color and the innocent in this fucked-up, poor excuse for a "democracy"...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ferguson Continues to Burn...

The Missouri city of Ferguson has been a police living Hell ever since 18 year-old Michael Brown was murdered in cold blood by officer/racist monster Darren Wilson on Saturday August 9th. Wilson, a 9-year gang member of the Ferguson Police Gestapo (FPG) shot and killed Brown, even as the teenager had his HANDS UP, and pleaded for this putrid, piece-of-shit cop to DON'T SHOOT. Results from an independently conducted autopsy show that Brown was shot 6 times: two bullets striking him in the head, four in the right arm. This autopsy was performed by Dr. Michael M. Baden and was done at the request of Brown's family. The St. Louis County medical examiner had already done an initial autopsy, however, it will likely be months before their results are released. Plus, the St. Louis co. examiner most likely cannot be trusted to be impartial, anyways. 

Clearly it was murder: Dr. Baden points to an autopsy chart of 
Brown during an Aug. 18th press conference. Attorney Ben Crump, representing Brown's family, holds up the chart. 

On Friday Aug. 15th, Piggy Wilson was publicly identified as the racist, sadistic monster who killed Brown. This, after damn-near a week of stone-walling from Ferguson police thug officials. As of now, piggy Wilson remains on paid leave/vacation - standard reward system procedure in all police regimes, whenever one of their cops murders a civilian under dodgy circumstances, innocent or not. Cowardly cop Wilson is also reportedly in hiding (`ala Zimmerman), as well his ass should be. That this pig-beast would be well protected is a given, so would-be vigilantes/justice-seekers ought not waste their time (Wilson does not deserve the honor of martyrdom, anyways). And that he would garner much support from fellow cops as well as racist whites everywhere is also a given. However, if Wilson feels in any way under duress (dare he even feel sorry for himself), than he has only himself to blame! 

Imagine how Brown felt as he had his hands up, begging not to be killed... 

"Fuck racist Ferguson police regime terrorist Darren Wilson & so called "chief" Jackson. They are not police & do not represent law. Brother Michael was murdered & his murderer remains protected & free today." - Anonymous St. Louis County Black Foot Soldier statement

As feral, racist White cowards pile on in defense of piggy Wilson, a brave activist demands TRUE JUSTICE.

The tactical iron fist of militarized police terrorism has grappled Ferguson, in a way that few other American cities have experienced. The federal govt. has gotten involved in this police-induced mess. The Dept. of Justice (so-called) has sent 40 FBI agents to Ferguson in search of Civil Rights violations, as well as possible other crimes in which federal law enforcement agencies may have jurisdiction. Also, Attorney General Eric Holder visited the city on Wen. Aug. 20th. Holder pledged that the DOJ investigation in Ferguson will be, "full, fair, and independent". Sure. We shall see about that...

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama is hedging his own bets over just how involved he will get in this. For a president who seems to openly loath People of Color (especially Arabs, seeing as he's killed soo many of them) and avoids race issues like the horrid plague, this ought to be an interesting dance for him. And despite calls for him to do so, Obama has not yet committed to paying a visit to the Ferguson war zone just yet. And frankly, one has to question just what damned good that would even do. For his part though, Obama has pledged to send three White House aides to Michael Brown's funeral - a positive, non-controversial gesture that only the most racist, low-down of Whites might take issue with. The Reverend *Al Sharpton - who's been all over this thing as if Brown were his child - will be delivering the eulogy (*it is worth noting that Sharpton also happens to be a known FBI snitch, working in cahoots with the same federal law enforcement agency that created COINTELPRO, as well as targeted MLK Jr.).

Services are set to be held on Monday Aug. 25th. It is expected to be one of the most heavily attended, heavily politicized, heavily police-guarded, and polarizing funerals this year so far. Here's hoping the dearly departed [himself] won't be forgotten about in such a media maley. R.I.P. Michael Brown...
Trust us, we're from the government: FBI agents leave behind their calling card in Ferguson, pledging to do "good".

 A reporter tweeted a photo of a card that FBI agents are handing out near the scene of the Brown shooting

Commander-In-Dodge: Peaceful Ferguson residents call for President "Post-Racial" to stop acting scared and speak up on their behalf, for once. 

As events in Ferguson continue to digress, reports of heinous, CRIMINAL police abuse continue to pour out. And similar to what takes place in war-torn conflicts across the world, journalists attempting to report in Ferguson have increasingly found themselves the targets of state-police aggression/state-violence nearly as much as unarmed civilians. 

One particular skinhead cop was caught on video threatening to kill people, as he marched down a street with a police-issued assault rifle (AR-15 most likely), raised in a life-threatening position. The video itself is a tad shaky, but the cop in it can clearly be seen acting like a fucking thug, pointing his assault rifle at peaceful marchers and journalists alike. This pig can be audibly heard yelling, "I WILL FUCKING KILL YOUGET BACK!" at groups of people and reporters alike. It has since been reported that this thug, identified as officer 'Gofuckyourself', is a gang member of the suburban St. Louis Police Gestapo. Officer Gofuckyourself has since been removed from active duty. A positive first step, yes. However, making terrorist and/or criminal death threats is a violation of MO state law, as it is in every other state. Yet, officer Gofuckyourself remains employed by the MO State Patrol, and is still drawing his paychecks. No word yet as to whether criminal charges will be filed against officer Gofuckyourself for issuing direct death threats, as well as brandishing a deadly assault weapon in a threatening manner (menacing/criminal mischief). 

UPDATE: It has since been reported that officer Gofuckyourself/officer Numbnuts has been officially identified as Lt. Ray Albers, 46. Albers is a 20-year police gang member (though apparently not always of the St. Louis police). Furthermore, he has been suspended indefinitely and without pay, pending investigation! Alber's criminal act was reported to have occurred late Tuesday night on Aug. 19th.  

It should be duly noted that officer Albers/dickless also served four years in the U.S. Army, according to reports. So that military assault weapon he used to threaten people's lives with was most likely a "take-home" weapon, courtesy of the U.S. Army.

HERE is what the dirty skinhead pig looks like. Lt. Ray Albers *aka officer Gofuckyourself, *aka Actlikeathug seen here.

And in other police terrorist news concerning Ferguson, cops have threatened aggravated assault against Al Jazeera journalists. And as the following video clearly shows, an Al Jazeera America TV crew was forced to flee for safety, after Ferguson Police Gestapo intentionally hit the media crew with tear gas.

World respected Al Jazeera is very much accustomed to such acts of brazen state-police violence in, say, Apartheid Israel - where the IDF are known to attack non-jewish and foreign reporters often. It is quite possible that the AJA news crew hadn't bargained on being subjected to similar levels of state-police terrorism, when reporting on incidents of racial unrest in small American cities.  

Terrorist threats/menacing, courtesy of Ferguson police thugs.

Gaza? Nope, just Ferguson: Militarized police terrorist gestapo caught on film launching a tear gas attack against Al Jazeera news crew. 

In more Ferguson news regarding police crimes against journalists, a Getty Images photojournalist was unjustly arrested by Ferguson terrorist gestapo on Monday Aug. 18th. Photojournalist Scott Olson (not to be confused with Scott Olsen, the ex-marine-turned-activist who was nearly killed by sadistic police monsters during Occupy actions in Oakland) was arrested for apparently "refusing to obey" orders. What this translates into is, Olson had dared to leave a media "holding pen" designated for reporters. But despite the fact that Olson was doing his job in public spaces, he was arrested anyways. Olson was released without charge several hours later. Clearly, he along with all media (especially non-embedded) were being sent a "message".
"He (police thug in charge) told me I had to be in the media pen across the street and I asked him if the area was open to the public and I told him if it was open to the public then it should be open to the press. He said, "if you're with the media you have to be across the street." I told him I was going to roll video because I think it was a violation of the first amendment and I wanted to document it and as soon as I said that, he ordered me arrested. I was cuffed, put in a van and taken away." - Scott Olson in an interview with MSNBC.

"Most of these protesters are peaceful," he said. "If you have several people there trying to disrupt the protest, you're not going to shoot at them with a rifle. Not in a crowd like that." - Olson, in an interview with NPR, commenting on the shocking crimes of heavily armed police squads marauding throughout Ferguson. 

Getty staff photographer Scott Olson being lead away by bastard-ass police skinhead thugs in Ferguson. He was doing his damned job.

In fact, several people connected with media outlets (both national and international) have been arrested, detained, or otherwise impeded from reporting on the unfolding events in Ferguson. In addition, dozens of arrests of peaceful protesters and common citizens alike have been reported since Michael Brown's murder on Aug. 9th. Even more troubling, reports of gunshot victims streaming into local hospitals have also been coming out. And at least one person was reported to have been gunned down by police thugs during street protests. To date though, not a single cop has suffered any injuries. At this point, a de facto martial law has been declared in the St. Louis suburb. Officially, unofficially... when the police themselves brazenly violate the law and act as an occupying military force would, it really doesn't matter worth a damn.

Police authoritarians have claimed that officers have been coming under "heavy gunfire" and have continuously cited so-called "criminal elements" in justifying the mass arrests. There is no doubt that a handful of opportunists have taken it upon themselves to use the Ferguson crisis as cover for committing isolated criminal acts. And typically, an event which has received such international attention might very well attract outside troublemakers who have no connection to the city. However, one must always be aware of agent provocateurs whenever something like this happens. 

As mentioned previously, what's happening in Ferguson, MO right now is by no means, an anomoly. And to be perfectly frank, even if the pig who murdered Brown were to be arrested, indicted, tried, convicted, and EXECUTED in under six months... that would do little to fundamentally change why things are the way they are in Ferguson. 

What are some of the [other] key issues that have been unveiled in the wake of Brown's murder? Well to start with, how about a city with a 67.4% Black population, yet, these people have no representation on city council. How about a 53-man police force which is virtually all-white... save for a reported three Black officers (and how'd they got in there, Hell only knows). How about the fact that in a city with over 67% Blacks, yet nearly ALL arrests (90%) are Black? 

Simply asking these questions would be a great start. But instead, these goddamned pigs want to roll in with their bearcats, their kevlar shit, and other military hardware. Missouri governor Jay Nixon (White, conservative POS), brings in the National Guard, which has only exacerbated tensions. And Obama doesn't really do shit at all, since he pretty much loathes Black people anyways. 

So, it's going to continue to be a fucking mess for a while. No hope... 

Mike Brown Sr. (left) and Lesley McSpadden (right) attending a rally on behalf of their son, Michael Brown on Aug. 17th. 8-18-Ferguson-family

Peaceful demonstrators continue to demand justice, on behave of Michael Brown.