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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cop Shootout in NW Portland - 3 suspects Taken. 1 K-9 Dead

shootout took place in NW Portland on Wednesday April 16th 2013 involving a Portland cop and three burglary suspects. The cop in question has been identified as officer Jeffery Dorn (badge #29094) - 16-year veteran of the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG) and member of the agency's K-9 unit. Another cop identified as officer Jason Worthington (badge #44630), a 9-year veteran with the PPG, is also said to have accompanied Dorn.

Dog and pig: Office/Skinhead Jeff Dorn seen here with his trusty German Shepard.

K-9 Down: police dog Mick (deceased), seen here. 
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The three burglary suspects have been identified as Paul Allen Ropp, 20 (the alleged get-a-way driver), Steve Young, 20, and Jamael Diamond Riley, 25. Ropp and Riley sustained gun shots wounds and were hospitalized. Officer Dorn, 40, sustained gunshots wounds to his legs. None of the wounds were life-threatening. A K-9 attack dog for which officer Dorn was was responsible was shot and killed, though it is so-far unclear whether the police dog was killed by one of the fleeing suspects, or one of the cops (friendly fire). The dog's name was Mick

Paul Allen Ropp, seen here.

Blumenthal Uniform and Equipment store in SW Portland, seen here.
Portland police responded to a report that suspects were breaking into Blumenthal Uniforms, the department’s equipment store.

The three men were allegedly robbing a uniform supply store in SW Portland in the early morning hours of April 16th, when they were approached by police. It's been reported that the 3 men attempted to flee, but crashed their SUV. At which point, the alleged robbers engaged in a gun battle with Portland cops. Ropp was alleged to have been armed with an AR-15 assault rifle (the same type of military weapon former officer Ronald Frashour used to gun down distraught citizen Aaron Campbell 5 years ago). The store in question has been identified as Blumenthal Uniforms and Equipment

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dangerous, Wilding Cops: OUT OF CONTROL In Albuquerque!

We've been here many times before. Terrorist pig-beasts murder an innocent man, the public citizenry protests, and police killers clamp down hard! The best, most recent example was Anaheim, CA.

Now, it is Albuquerque, NM.  

On March 16th 2013 Albuquerque Police Gestapo (APG) murdered a homeless man. That man has been identified as James M. Boyd, 38. He was not armed, not a threat, and had not committed any crime - other than so-called "illegal" camping (because he was homeless and had nowhere to sleep, see). The pig-monsters who murdered Boyd have been identified as officers Kieth Sandy and Dominique Perez. Boyd had been camping in the foothills area just outside the city when APG terrorists bullies attempted to roust the homeless man, citing a so-called "camping ban" city ordinance. A stand-off followed, in which Boyd was allegedly arguing with cops, though never physically combative. As Boyd eventually turned to gather his belongings, officers Sandy and Perez shot him in the back. Boyd died at the scene. So far, neither the pigs who directly murdered him, nor any of the other pigs involved, have been disciplined. 

James M. Boyd seen here.

Killer Cop: Officer Kieth Sandy seen here, one of the pigs who shot Boyd.

Smirking POS: Officer Dominique Perez, another one of the pigs responsible for Boyd's death.

Two pigs in a pod.

In video taken by a police helmet-mounted camera, APG are seen surrounding and advancing upon Boyd, who is clearly unarmed and of no threat to officers. Boyd can be seen turning to his left, about to collect his belongings. At this very moment cops fire a flash-bang grenade at him. Immediately after this, they callously shoot Boyd in the back several times. Along with the video, the audio is also high quality - after Boyd is laying on the ground bleeding out, blood-thirsty cops can clearly be heard barking orders at Boyd (dying, at this point) to put out his hands and "drop the knife". Boyd is then shot in the back three times with bean-bag rounds and a K-9 dog is sicced upon him, even as he already lay on the ground. Boyd is denied all medical attention. These bastard-ass cops handcuff his body, instead. Disgusting. 

Crime scene: Boyd seen here in white top, the moment he was being gunned down by APG terrorist pigs.

Following this heinous murder, the APG made the unprecedented move of releasing to the public video of Boyd's killing in its near-entirety. During a police-held news conference, APG's minister of Propaganda - Chief Gorden Eden Jr. - typically makes excuses for the actions of these murderous pig-beasts. In a sniveling, groveling, craven press conference held on Friday March 21st, Chief Eden claimed that Boyd's senseless murder was indeed justified and that Albuquerque cops acted within "reason". After APG's Minister of Propaganda was finished LYING, his offensive sham of a press conference was brought to an abrupt end with virtually no questions from reporters having been taken... far less answered truthfully. In fact, the city's mayor, Richard Berry, declined to back up his own police chief, saying that Eden's justifications were a "mistake". Ouch!
The APG covers their sorry worthless asses, while protecting killer cops amongst their ranks. Standard [police] operating procedure. 

Albuquerque Police Gestapo Minister of Propaganda - Chief Gorden Eden Jr. during a press conference on March 21st, spinning the truth surrounding Boyd's murder.

The brazen, cold-blooded murder of [yet] another citizen - whatever the circumstances - has sparked outrage amongst Albuquerque's residents. The police helmet cam video depicting Boyd's graphic murder swiftly went viral. And that miserable excuse of a press conference held and dictated by the APG only served to inflame the citizenry further.

  As has been the case regarding police murders in other cities, people took to the streets on March 25th (nine days after Boyd's death). On that day, over 1,000 citizen-activists marched in downtown Albuquerque towards police-gestapo headquarters. The protesters carried signs and demanded that officers Sandy and Perez be criminally charged with the murder of James Boyd. But in addition to Boyd, the large crowd also addressed other police murders in the city in recent history. It turns out that Albuquerque, like many other U.S. cities, has a very bad police gang problem. According to various reports, the city has had 37 police shootings since 2010 - 23 of them fatal.

Hundreds march in dt Albuquerque in protest of yet another senseless murder at the filthy, bloody hands of police thugs.

 The police response to righteous citizens demanding justice was typical and expected - a violent crack-down! What had been a PEACEFUL and lawful demonstration turned into a melee the very moment Albuquerque gestapo militarized and moved in, firing tear gas upon innocent, unarmed citizens.

  Albuquerque police shootings   
Also, the 'hactivist' group "Anonymous" has taken action, by launching a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on and shutting down the Albuquerque police website on Saturday March 29h.
The APG confirmed that "unusual activity" on its site had caused it to crash. And according to an Anonymous spokesperson, the APG have since shut down its own Facebook and Twitter accounts. GOOD! 

Anonymous shuts down the Albuquerque police gestapo's website.

Officer pig Kieth Sandy himself has quite a history regarding the Albuquerque police. First hired to the APG in 2007, dirty pig Sandy was one of 4 ex-state police whom had at one point been involved in a state-wide "double-dipping" scandal (accepting payments and kick-backs from a private security contractor, while still on the clock for the state-police, greedy-ass pigs). Three of these greedy pigs had faced criminal charges at some point (though nothing ever came of them) over the scandal. Nonetheless, Sandy was eventually fired from the state police, along with two others. Another ex-trooper, Sean Wallace, resigned only to later become an Albuquerque cop. The other three disgraced state pigs, including Sandy, were also hired by the city of Albuquerque, NM. 

Initially, the three were all suppose to have been civilian employees only. They were not to carry guns, nor badges. They would be collecting evidence at crime scenes. The same went for Sandy, as well. However, they all eventually received badges and guns, and swiftly rose through the ranks of the APG. 

Dirty cop with a rotten past.

Four state troopers who got caught in a "double-dipping" scandal would either resign or be fired. All four would end up becoming Albuquerque cops. At least one of them would go on to murder a homeless man suffering from mental illness. 

Background on killer cop thug Dominique Perez reveals that he is a former marine who had served in Iraq. He was reported to have received a Purple Heart due to a combat injury. So chances are that Perez was already suffering from PTSD by the time he was hired by APG. He traded in one oppressive uniform for another, his govt.-issued M16-AR for a police-issued Glock (or rifle), and just like that this wild animal Perez was unleashed on the public (Americans this time, instead of Iraqis).

To date, none of the bastard cop thugs involved in Boyd's murder have been brought to justice. The two thugs directly responsible for his killing have been given paid vacation for their crimes. They both remain in the employ of the Albuquerque police.

The Albuquerque Police Gestapo's website can be viewed here:
The APG's phone number: (505)242-2677

Friday, April 4, 2014

Woman Arrested, Terrorized by Booze Gestapo... for Buying WATER!

Un-fucking-believable. You cannot make this shit up, no one can. A college student in VA was arrested for (wait for it)... buying BOTTLED WATER! Now she is suing and good for her!


Student Elizabeth K. Daly and friends had made a stop to a grocery store in Charlottesville, VA to buy ice cream, cookie dough, and a case of bottled water for a school-related event on April 11th 2013. Daly and her company were all students who attended University of Virgina. At that time, police gestapo agents from a state-run agency called "Alcoholic Beverage Control (or ABC)" were running a sting operation in the area in order to bust underage drinking (because taking preventive measures such as seeing to it that retail stores not sell to under-age persons is waaay too much trouble - RIGHT!). 

DROP THE WATER! Elizabeth Daly seen here, in a mug shot (left) following her 2013 arrest for buying water. Also pictured, the store(right) where she went and (insert lower right) the water ABC pigs mistook to have been beer.

As the coeds were leaving the store, 7 plain-cloths agents/Stasi suddenly and without warning swarmed upon their SUV, jumping on the hood, pointing guns, and attempting to break out the windows. Since these cops failed to identify themselves and had no visible badges, Daly and her friends were naturally all terrified (college girls being attacked by strange men - it's been known to happen). The women sped away, grazing two cops in the process. That really made those pigs mad. One of the victims called 911, which point the emergency dispatch operator informed them that is was indeed police they had just fled from. 

 THIS is a case of BEER:

THIS is a case of WATER: 
Can you tell the difference? ABC Cops sure can't!

Once Daly and her friends had realized what was going on, they went back and immediately apologized to the officers - like any frightened, naive, law-abiding citizen would do. But since these low-down, vile, cops never accept apologies (and were very much enraged that citizens would dare defy their authority), Daly was arrested, terrorized, had guns pointed at her face, and was taken to jail where she was held captive over-night. Daly, who was driving, was initially over-charged with several felonies - all of which were eventually thrown out in June 2013 after prosecutors declined to pursue. Her record was expunged in October - she has no prior arrests.

WARNING: being in possession of these items may be a felony offense in Virginia.

On Tuesday March 25th 2014, Daly formally filed a lawsuit seeking $40 million in damages. The suit alleges malicious prosecution, assault and battery, and failure on the state of VA's part to properly train its ABC officers. The state along with 7 cops are named in the suit - the cop's identities have not been released to the public, which is typical. ONCE AGAIN, the criminals remain protected by anonymity while the victim is out and vulnerable.

What's truly fucked up about this - and what many people have been missing - is that had a 20 year-old Elizabeth Daly actually bought alcohol illegally, that does not justify what happened. The crazed, violent over-kill reaction of these so-called ABC cops was still UNACCEPTABLE! We're not talking about a drug raid here, but a [tax-payer subsidized) sting operation where these goddamn cops were trying to bust under-age drinking! Mostly of college students, grown! And if such were a pressing issue in Charlottesville, VA, then as mentioned before, that would be easily headed off in more preventive measures - such as engaging with local retailers (like the 24/7 'Harris Teeter' store in whose parking lot cops were running their booze sting) to make sure they do not unwittingly sell alcohol to under-aged persons.

Too much work for the police, it would seem.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Campus Pigs Murder UNARMED Columbus Man

 Campus cops/pigs at Columbus State University in Columbus, GA have gunned down an innocent, unarmed man on school grounds.

The victim has been identified as 20 year-old Zikarious Jaquan Flint.This latest police murder happened on Sunday March 30st 2013. According to reports, deputized and armed campus cops suddenly gave chase to a man identified as Flint. The victim was later killed. Authorities "claimed" that Flint was armed" - of course this has not been at all proven. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is apparently looking into the shooting. 
Little more information is available, at this time. Hopefully there will be more to come later on...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Occupy Oakland Hero Olsen Settles for $4.5 Million

Marine veteran Scott Olsen, who was nearly murdered by vile, sub-human police monsters during Occupy Oakland, has settled with the embattled city of Oakland for $4.5 million.

On October 25th 2011 Scott Olsen, a marine and Iraq war veteran, was marching in a demonstration as part of Occupy Oakland. Olsen, 24 at the time, was shot in the head at near point-blank range by a beanbag round (bag containing lead pellets, discharged from shotgun) - fired by police gestapo who were actively besieging the city at that time. Olsen suffered a fractured skull and was bleeding heavily from a severe head wound. 
In addition, other activists/citizens were fired upon by vile police monsters with tear-gas and flash/bang grenades as they ran to the aid of Olsen. Olsen was unconscious and lying in an expanding pool of blood - his life very much in grave danger - and police monsters shot "less-than-lethal"  projectiles at anyone who attempted to help him. This act of barbarism was not only attempted murder on the part psychotic Oakland pigs, but a direct violation of Olsen's human rights. It also would've been considered an absolute war crime, had it happened in an official war zone.

From one war zone to another: Scott Olsen, after he was shot by Oakland police gestapo.

Band of Brothers: Fellow marine vet Jay C. Gentile, seen here holding photo of injured fellow vet Olsen.

Despite a ruthless assault by Oakland pigs, Olsen was eventually taken to the city's Highland hospital in critical condition, with a skull fracture, bleeding on his brain, and broken bones in his face. Video of the incident quickly went viral. The actual pig-beast who shot Olsen has never been publicly identified. No gang members of the Oakland police gestapo have ever been disciplined for the crimes they've committed against peaceful citizens during Occupy actions.

"Oakland agreed to pay an Iraq War veteran $4.5 million to settle a federal lawsuit he filed after a city police officer shot him in the head with a beanbag during an Occupy protest, nearly killing him and leaving him with permanent brain damage, attorneys said Friday."

On Friday March 21th the city of Oakland and Olsen's lawyers agreed to a $4.5 million settlement  because of the police assault during Occupy Oakland. It marks but the latest in a series of costly settlements the city has paid out, due to its wilding, out-of-control police force. 


 Scott Olsen is a former marine who had served two tours in Iraq between 2006 and 2010. He saw combat but made it out of that man-made Hell-hole with mind and body both intact. And yet, Olsen comes back home, only to find himself in another war zone, shot in the head and grievously injured. The ENEMY proved not to be some fanatical "insurgent"... but the militarized police force of an American city.

Friday, March 21, 2014

LOVELLE MIXON... Five Years Later


The history of America is splattered with the dried blood of many countless unsung heroes. One such hero has just been commemorated in new independent documentary.
March 21st marks the five-year anniversary of LOVELLE MIXON'S last stand.

On March 21st 2009 ruthless street warrior Lovelle Mixon took rightful measures to defend himself when he exterminated four gang members of the Oakland Police Gestapo (OPG). What had initially began as a routine, racist "stop'n frisk" turned out to be the darkest day for the Oakland police - one of the most notorious terrorist police gangs in the U.S.

BLOWBACK, is what one might call it. And blowback, it most certainly was, as many innocent People of Color and citizens in general have had to endure a seige of tyranny from Oakland police terrorists for many years. Oakland itself being a city that has been under constant siege by a hyper-militarized, terrorist police force ever since before The Black Panther party was founded there in 1966.  Keep in mind that the murder of Oscar Grant by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) gestapo had also just taken place at the very beginning of 2009.

Mixon himself was eventually fallen by police gunfire, as scared pigs out-numbered, surrounded, and closed in upon him. Now a new documentary titled 'Ghosts Of March 21st' chronicling Mixon's final days and hours is set to begin screenings in Oakland and other cities. The trailer for 'Ghost...' can be seen here.

The four pigs Mixon assassinated before being gunned down himself were:

Officer John Hege(deceased)
Sgt. Mark Dunakin(deceased)
Sgt. Daneil Sakai(deceased)
Sgt. Ervin Romans(deceased)


Pridictably, all mainstream, corporate-prostitute media (including virtually all yellow-bellied, so-called "liberal" media) lionized these four gang memebers without question, while simultaneously smearing and villifying Mixon in the worse possible ways.

However, what had been conveniently ignored by the this wretched bias media is that Mixon had many supporters. In the days and weeks following the killings, various marches, demonstrations, and public speakings took place in Oakland and the larger Bay area of California.

'Ghosts...' is directed by independent film-maker Sam Stoker. The film will premire in Oakland this week, with following screenings to be held over the preciding weeks and months all over the country. 'Ghosts...' isn't simply about Lovelle Mixon, though. Issues of long-standing racism within Oakland and a community having to live under occupation are tackled here. Indeed, Oakland often comes up whenever one talks about an American city under occupation... well we all are, though Oakland seemingly moreso than most.

Not only the birth place of the Black Panthers, but some of the most horrendous acts of police terrorism (out-side NYC) took place here during the Occupy movement. Ofcourse, the police terrorist murder of Oscar Grant - less than three months before Mixon's death - still weighs heavily over this city.

Sam Stoker's website:

Additional info. here:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Portland Gestapo Claim Its First Casualty of the Year

A shootout occurred in Portland which ended in the death of one alleged criminal, and injury to another criminal, which happened to have been a cop.

The shooting took place on Wednesday March 12th near a Re/Max store and Wilsonville High school in the Hillsdale neighborhood in SW Portland. Officer John M. Romero, an eight-year gang member of the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG) got into a gun-fight with a man identified as Kelly Vern Swoboda, 49, an alleged suspect in several bank robberies in Eugene and Milwaukie, and the kidnapping of one female in January 2014. Romero was also a "resource officer" for near-by Wilsonville High. Romero was shoot in the hand. He will live.  

Deceased: Kelly Swoboda, seen here.

Officer up: Obese pig John Romero of the PPG seen here.

Now by most accounts, Swoboda was himself a long-time criminal who, at the time of his death, had been wanted in a few jurisdictions for several alleged crimes. He was wanted in Clackamas County for kidnapping and pistol-whipping a tanning salon employee. There was a federal indictment against him for for the robbery of three area credit unions in November and December of 2013. Authorities had also accused him of stalking students in the Portland aera.

In addition, Swoboda had a criminal history which included prison time served for bank robbery, assault, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was born in 1964 an apparently had spent most of his life in Oregon, residing in Portland, Milwaukie, Oak Groove, Estacada, and Molalla.

White trash: Kelly Swoboda seen here in multiple mug shots.

With such a track record, one could assume that Swoboda was pretty much a loser his whole life. Comments to various on-line articles regarding the shooting have openly theorized whether this was just another case of "suicide-by-cop". Speculation, yes - but by no means unprecidented. Of course, Swoboda could just as easily had become a cop himself, had life's circumstances turned out just a little more differently.

 After-all, there really insn't that much difference between the deceased and the man who killed him - officer John Romero. Pedictably, local bias media has regailed Romero as a hero who took down a "bad guy". As well as biased puff-pieces of how "adored" he was by students at the high school where he was assigned patrol/containment duties. Typical.

All smiles: Officer Friendly seen here, granting wishes apparently.

Well, the Portland Police Gestapo could certainly use some good PR... and Hell knows hey have been milking it with this recent incident here. So, CONGRADULATIONS! Thanks for taking out the bad guy!

Why, makes it almost easy to forget about the long history of police shootings in Portland/metro, as well as the equally long list of people (many perfectly innocent) killed by cops in Multnomah/surrounding counties.