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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Murder of Oscar Grant: 5 Years Later.

I won't call this an "anniversary" since anniversaries are typically things to celebrate. It is still a fucking travesty, how ever one looks at it.

Five years ago today, on Thursday January 1st 2009, Oscar Juliuss Grant III was murdered by ex-BART pig Johannes Mehserle in Oakland, CA.

If you're reading this, then you likely know much of the details by now. Here is a briefer for purposes of historical record.

In the early morning hours of Thurs. Jan. 1st, 2009Oscar Grant and several friends of his were out celebrating on New Years, as people all over the world were. They boarded a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train, bound for the Fruitvale neighborhood in Oakland. A fight allegedly broke out between Grant's friends and another group of people (to this day, even this supposed fight has never been officially confirmed). BART police/gestapo were summoned. Various people, Grant included, were forced off the train. At some point Grant was subdued by officers at the Fruitvale subway platform. Grant was on his stomach, with his hands secured behind his back.

 For purposes of context, Grant was not armed with any weapon. He was not resisting. He was no sort of "gang" member. He had a modest non-violent "criminal record" which showed how he had been victimized by the criminal-justice Matrix. He had a full-time job working as a butcher in a grocery store in Oakland.  

At this point BART officer Johannes Mehserle, kneeling on top of Grant with his knee in his back, stood up, drew his service weapon, and fired one round into Grant's back point blank range. Grant was shot shortly past 2:00am Jan. 1st. He died at Highland hospital in Oakland the following morning. He was 22 years old. Pig Mehserle would later claim that he "thought" he saw Grant "reach toward his waistband". Mehserle claimed that he meant to use his taser, but grabbed his service weapon "by mistake". Yeah. Ok then.

US cop murder: 22 year old Oscar Grant in the back while he was lying face down on the ground on a subway platform

Seeing as how understandably crowded public transit was that night, dozens of witnesses managed to capture the entire execution on their video camcorders and cellular phone cameras. BART gestapo attempted to illegally confiscate citizen's electronic devices. Still, various copies of the video were uploaded onto the internet and already disseminated by hundreds of thousands of people by the next day. Within a week, Grant's murder would be seen by millions.  
Grant is survived by his mother Wanda Johnson, father Oscar Grant Jr., fiancĂ©, Sophina Mesa, and his daughter Tatiana Grant.

The miserable, cowardly pig, Johannes MEHserle, being lead into court on criminal charges. After initially fleeing to NV.

Mehserle immediately lawyered up with attorneys Michael Rains and Dylan Schaffer, to represent him. On Jan. 5th, Rains postponed a scheduled meeting between Mehserle and BART internal investigators, wanting to defer for another week. Investigators refused, however, and ordered Mehserle to meet with them for an interview/deposition on Jan. 7th instead. On that day, however, the only people to appear before the investigators were Rains and a BART officer's union rep., who handed in Mehserle's letter of resignation. By this point Mehserle, who had first joined BART in March 2007, was now an ex-cop and in hiding, claiming alleged death threats. The cowardly pig would be arrested in Nevada on Jan. 13th on a fugitive warrant. After waiving his right to extradition, Mehserle was taken back to CA in chains and appeared in an Alameda County courtroom to face arraignment. 

It's worth noting that the pick for Mehserle's legal representation was by no means an accident. Michael Rains is the GO-TO lawyer for cops accused of misconduct and/or murder in California, as well as corrupt prison guards. Not only that, but his wife is also a former cop.

Attorney Rains - He's got their back!

Still refusing to fully explain himself, Mehserle eventually would plead not-guilty and was given a bail $3 million - which he posted with the help of a fundraiser, his police union buddies, and racist supporters all over the country.   

One of MEHserle's scumbag racist bootlicking supporters at a 2009 rally. Teabagger, most likely.

A massive amount of protests would erupt all over the country, and especially through-out California, the Bay Area, and within the city of Oakland itself - which has essentially been under Marshal law since. Citizens were justifiably out-raged over [yet another] murder of an innocent unarmed person by gestapo pigs. The murder of Trayvon Martin at the hands of a racist vigilante would often be compared to that of Grant's killing. Though some protests turned violent, usually due to agent provocateurs, most would remain largely peaceful. Many demonstrations, vigils, street actions, rallies, and hyper-violent police over-reaction would take place in the wake of Grant's murder.

Justice for Oscar Grant; Murdered in cold blood,

Mehserle, now facing murder charges, was initially supposed to have gone on trial in Oct. 2009. However, various delays put this off... including his attorney Rains' motion to move the trial out of Alameda County due to "media prejudice". The trial would eventually take place in down town Los Angeles and commence in June 2010. Jury was selected on June 8th 2010. There were NO Blacks on that jury, same as the jury in George Zimmerman's murder trial.  

One is a SIG Sauer P226 pistol, standard police handgun. The other is a model X-26 taser. Apparently, trained officer J.Mehserle could not tell the goddamn difference! Or at least, that's what his whore of a lawyer Dylan Schaffer argued.


On July 8th 2010 Mehserle was aquitted on charges of second degree murder as well as voluntary manslaughter. Instead, he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, the lightest of the three potential charges allowed to the jury as options. Typical prison terms for involuntary manslaughter are two to four years. He was also found guilty of a gun enhancement charge which could have potentially meant as much as an additional three to ten years in prison. Having been free on $3M bond, Mehserle was remanded back into custody following trial. On Nov. 5th 2010 Mehserle was sentenced to two measly, pissant do-bitch years in prison.

Except... he received "double-credit" for time served, reducing his sentence by a further 292 days for the 146 days already spent in jail. Oh, plus that gun enhancement conviction was thrown out during sentencing, sooo... so much for those three to ten extra years he might've gotten. 

Johannes Mehserle walked out of prison on June 13th, 2011. He had spent barely 11 months behind bars. The flyer below demonstrates citizens concerns over a murderer walking free after having served soo little time:


On May 9th 2012 Mehserle, through his lawyers, appealed to the California Supreme Court to have his conviction overturned so that he could "return to police work". Thankfully, this appeal was denied in Sept. 2012. Pig Mehserle no-longer has an officially sanctioned license to kill, but he still walks the streets. One of the other dirty, low-down, racist gestapo pigs, Anthony Pirone, was fired for his role in Grant's murder in June 2010. Pirone enlisted in the U.S. military in May 2011 and is currently murdering, possibly raping, and/or causing other manners of grievous harm to innocent people in Afghanistan. However, greedy pig Pirone has since been charged with fraud for continuing to collect and cash unemployment checks some seven months after joining the army! He will face those charges when he returns - assuming Pirone doesn't get his pig head blown off by the Taliban first. Key point - Pirone was one of the first BART cops on the scene, responding to an alleged fight. And it was PIRONE who directly ordered Mehserle to arrest Grant in the first place. So, his role cannot be overlooked!  Also, officer Marysol Domenici was another one of the BART pigs to have first responded that night. She was not only a criminal accomplice in Grant's murder, but she was also Pirone's girlfriend at that time! Domenici initially lost her job after LYING under oath during Mehserle's murder trial, but has since been reinstated after whining to her BART officer's union.

Sorry-ass pig/former BART cop/current army thug Anthony Pirone.

Pirone's ex-girlfriend/formerly fired/current BART pig Marysol Domenici.

Circled left to right: Domenici and Pirone. Mehserle bending over, Grant on ground against wall, w/ hands up.

Domenici seen here brandishing weapon, terrorizing innocent, unarmed citizens.

Grant's mother and daughter have since settled a wrongful murder Civil suit against BART for $2.8 million in June 2011. A federal appeals court ruled in July 2013 that Grant's father, Oscar Grant Jr., can sue both Mehserle as well as other BART pigs who took part in Grant's murder. A Civil action claim filed on behave of Grant Jr. and Grant's friends who were with him that night is currently pending. Meanwhile, many people have taken part to both chronicle and celebrate Oscar Grant's life, as well as that of his family. Read an article about the un-told story of his father, Oscar Grant Jr. here.  

From L to R: Grant's fiancĂ© Sophina Mesa, daughter Tatiana, and mother Wanda Johnson.

Oscar Grant's mother Wanda Johnson, with his daughter Tatiana Grant.

Actor Michael B. Jordan, who played Oscar Grant in 'Fruitvale Station'.
Fruitvale Station review

Trailer to film Fruitvale Station - 2013.


  1. at least we aint pretending at love or objectivity.

  2. my thoughts and prayers go out to Oscar Grant and to his friends and family. he is up there looking over his loved ones. those police officers are not humans, they're monsters.

  3. I am from Chicago and the same shit applies here as far as pig cops are concerned. There are a few honorable cops here and there but corruption is rampant and some police officers are worse than the scumbags they arrest. On the other hand, I believe that there are black people who are honorable regular people and total niggers who are welfare loving, lazy, ignorant thugs that perpetuate crime and just as much hate as the police can to their OWN people. I respect some cops and others I think are bitch bacon loving pigs that should be shot in the head and left for maggots to eat on. I respect some black people and think they are hard working, honest, individuals but hate niggers who are highly ignorant, uneducated thugs who have been in America for a couple hundred years and still don't have a pot to piss in. Why so many black people only successful when it comes to sports or rap? I cannot stand when I hear niggers talk about how they want to be a basketball player or rapper when they grow it possible? Sure. Is it likely? No. How come Habibi, who can barely speak english, and other Arabs rich as hell by working hard and buying a business for example; but have only been in the country 20 years? Why have Black people, as a whole, progressed SO LITTLE IN THE LAST COUPLE HUNDRED YEARS. And if I hear one more nigger crying about slavery and how the CIA put drugs in the hood to keep black people down I am going to puke. PLEASE. That only leaves the last 80 years you had to make something of yourself but you are on welfare still generation after generation. I think CROOKED COPS should be put in an oven and burned and NIGGERS should be shot. COPS that abuse their police powers should be jailed and thrown in GEN POP in the joints so the niggers can kill them. I RESPECT SOME COPS AND SOME BLACK PEOPLE ALOT BUT HATE CROOKED PIG BITCHES AND LAZY IGNORANT NIGGERS. Thanks for listening...oh and by the way...I am not white. I am not Black. I am not Mexican. OTHER

  4. As for fruitvale...yea those pigs are bogus....and retarded... that bacon loving pig should have his eyes burned out of his head, the cartilage ripped off his nose, and his dick cut off with just an exposed catheter so he can still perform his bodily functions. Stupid white retard though this gun was his tazer....only dumb ass white boy bitch would think that. I hope one day someone sees him and puts 100 pounds of force behind a baseball bat to his orbital bone so that it pops his eye out and crushes his bone so that he look deformed the rest of his for the fruitvale dude who got shot and killed....he is not at fault but only a dumb nigger wouldn't understand the situation for what it was....used common sense and just chilled out and did as the pigs said. Put your phone away and just sit for awhile and you would have walked home later with a real case of police harassment. Instead, he stands up like a dumb fuck...what did he think was going to happen? If he had just followed simple instruction, hed be alive.

    1. Hmmmmm Wht does ur comment say about u? #racist

    2. You need to view ALL the videos taken by countless witnesses. Mr. Grant was seated on the floor against a wall, surrounded by "police". His hands were in the air when the police decided to throw him face forward and I think, then handcuffed. He was completely helpless and totally under the control of the "police" when he was shot in the back. 'Why would a tazer be necessary when the "suspect" is already face-down on the floor??? This was out and out murder.

      I'd like to see gangs doing revenge on cases such as this instead of killing innocent bystanders going after rival gang members.

  5. I'm going to be a high school teacher here in the Bay Area. I will be a history teacher, for lack of a better term, or at least hope to be one day soon. I went to UC Berkeley and was a student when this happened. I can't help but feel hate and utter loathing for those who get out of murdering someone with only an 11-month sentence, what feels like a slap on the wrist for a good 'ol boy cop for slaughtering another human being.

    We can only hope that Oscar's memory will forever haunt the officers, lawyers, and PD officials invovled in protecting their own and suffocating the truth when it comes to this story. This shouldn't be about race in 2014, this shouldn't be about police executing civilians and getting away with it, but it is. I'm a 26 year old white male and part of me thinks that things will never get better here. That my whole life I've lived a privileged existence never really knowing true pain and regret, never knowing how a system can turn on you and what that feels like. I don't wish I had those experiences, but I just wish that we all could be cognizant and conscientious of those who have. Love can only conquer hate. Truly loving those closest to you will keep their memories alive in your throughout life and can breed more love and positive change. Keep fighting the good fight.

    1. Thank you. You kind words of support are most appreciated.

  6. Dumbass article written by a dumb racist nigger just trying to make some justification of his own hatred to cops and white people. Grow the fuck up. YOU are the reason there is still racism.

    1. Thank you for your support, it is much appreciated. Come again, please.

    2. Fuck You If Yall Didn't Act The Way Yall Act Maybe There Wouldn't Be Racism Bitch Ass Cracker

    3. OP asshole is slightly right, some of us do need to grow up and fight the fight the correct way. BUT Response is right OP needs to man the fuck up and stop hiding behind ANON, cause he's a racist asshole that things everything white is right.

  7. I have no clue what happened that day when he was shot but I wonder if it was done by accident. It doesn't make sense for a cop to purposely shoot a man while people are recording him. From the information I have read about this I believe it must have been an accident

    1. Watch the many videos and what happened should be very clear.

      From what I understand, the police had confiscated many recording devices. They missed those videos taken from inside the waiting train. The man did 11 months for murder; not even a year of his probably 80 - 90 year life. He knew he'd walk away with a slap on the wrist.

      "Police" are supposedly trained to handle situations a little more responsibly than say, a hot-headed civilian. They're supposedly "cooler" in the face of adversity. They're supposedly above accidentally mistaking a gun for a taser.

      I think it's very interesting nothing has ever been said about the supposed argument/fight that proceeded the murder.

  8. Great article Sir. Justice of Oscar Grant

  9. really great article. i cried after the movie and couldn't stop watching real footage of the crime. this world pisses me off

  10. I feel your anger and pain. I have two adult sons and I have worried about them for years. The stress is unbearable. Every night, I mean every single night I hope and pray they will be safe. You always try to think of ways to keep them safe. But, you know that as African American males, they are always vulnerable to the whims and prejudices of police men and women of all colors. They take away our most valued and loved. We can never get them back. I am angry that we have to live in this fear continuously. I couldn't stop crying when I saw the movie. I cried even more when Oscar died. I cried for Trayvon. I cried for Michael and so many others. I want to do more than cry. I want the perpetrators to feel our loss. I want them to understand that these young men are loved and have value if just given a chance to survive and thrive.

  11. Never cried so hard in my life after watching this movie. After looking at the video on u tube of the actual killing, his isn't the only one. I had no idea there were so many people unarmed killed by police. And not just black men, but white men and women, young and old of many races. And they get away with it. All they have to say was he lunged at us, I thought the phone was a gun. Did u c the one where the guy was in the back seat of a cop car with his hands behind his back, he ends up dead, shot in the head, and the cops claim or was suicide. Hey, at least that's original!!!!

    1. I just watched it today, wanted to watch it for months. But I didnt want to fell the anger that I'm feeling now. Its sad how much hate and evil is in this world, even more so being it comes from the people who are supposed to protect us.

  12. I did hear about that case, and it is still a "mystery" so far as I could tell.

  13. I watched Fruitvale Station this morning and with every movie that says it's true, I did my research afterwards and watched the video taken at Fruitvale. I was floored at the brutal treatment of Oscar and the others but 'glad' it was caught on video. Could not believe the cop received such little jail time. WTF?! I just don't understand our justice system.


  15. My heart bleeds for Oscar Grant family. Especially his daughter. Police have been doing this forever, and getting away with it. I'm so grateful this cop got caught. Prayers for the family.

  16. Un-Fuking believable, So love living in the UK where police do not in the majority don't carry fire arms so this cant happen, trigger happy cops. Just watched the film and feel for the family.............................. them cops will meet their maker soon enough!!

  17. Look at all the cases going on every where in the world. Cops are getting away with to much. They kill people and barely get any time but when someone who isnt a police office kills someone they get life in prison. Police officers are able to do wtf and dont pay for their crimes. Who needs gangs when you got cops killing the people. I say fuck the police they arent shit and should go to jail just like anyone else. And you wonder why there are police officers getting shot. We as people have no justice. Police officiers are the criminals the few good ones dont help by standing up for justice. R.I.P OSCAR your life was taken from you and your daughter was robbed of her father.

  18. last night was the first time I heard of Oscar murder when I watched the film with my boyfriend , from what I seen Oscar was a young man trying to make his way in life. the night Oscar was murdered could have been prevented and not by the kids being arrested but the man/women carrying badges who are supposed to protect. there was a few officers who should have also been on trail with the man that murdered Oscar if it would have been the other way round Oscar and a gang and 1 police officer who had been shot in the back every person there would have been on trail for murder. Just think all the people who have commented negatively about this case on here that a little girl who was quit clearly the apple of her dads eye and him hers she now has to grow up without him and a mother without a son and all because of the way police feel they can treat people because they have a badge a gun. My heart goes out to Oscars family who didn't deserve to lose a man who may not have been perfect but was perfect to them and was a trier he tried to be a good father boyfriend and son he was killed trying to be the best he could be for his family and was robbed before he had the time to shine. RIP Oscar may you fly high in the sky your wings wide. Justice for Oscar!!

  19. today i watched "Fruitvale Station" - everyone should see it
    is this a true story about a life of americans ? - if this is true, i don't think that it is a life.
    i hope that some one would pay with a blood for that murder.

    welcome to Russia and God bless you!